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Console Commands:
Console mode is a debugging tool, adding a wide range of functionality to the game. The tilde (~) key by default toggles the console screen open and closed. Some of these commands can be used through the server control panel.

Note: Codes are case sensitive; "a" is not the same as "A". Shortcuts are only 2 letters and can be used in place of the command. Command arguments in [square braces] are optional, while commands in are not.

Command Shortcut Effect
settime <#> st Sets the current world time.
gameover go Ends a round/match in deathmatch/horde mode.
toggle_blood_off NA Toggles the blood off
toggle_blood_on NA Toggles the blood on
debugmenu [on/off] dm Toggles debug menu (for developers)
spawnentity [player-id] [entity-id] se Ability to spawn entities near a player.
Example: "se 1807 20" player-id = 0 if you are alone.
kick [player] [reason] NA Disconnects a player from the server.
ban [player] [reason] NA Permanently disconnects a player from the server.
listents le Lists entities.
listplayers lp Lists players.
enablescopes on/off es Toggles on/off debug scopes.
listthreads lt Lists threads.
setgamepre sg Sets a game preference.
chunkcache cc Shows all currently loaded chunks in the cache.
showchunkdata sc Displays data for current chunk.

(*) Hour notation is military time * 1000 (1000 = 1 hour).
eg. 0 = Day 1, 16h; 8000 = Day 2, 00h; 16000 = Day 2, 8h; 24000 = Day 2, 12h

Change to day (Day 1, 8am): "st 16000"
View the : "lp"

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