Trainers City - MX vs. ATV Unleashed - [PSX]

Name of the file: MX vs. ATV Unleashed - Author: ANO - [PSX]

All gear
Enter the following cheatcode at the cheats menu: WARDROBE

All machines
Enter the following cheatcode at the cheats menu: LEADFOOT

All riders
Enter the following cheatcode at the cheats menu: WANNABE

1,000,000 points
Enter the following cheatcode at the cheats menu: BROKEASAJOKE

All Bonuses
Enter the following cheatcode at the cheats menu: TOOLAZY

All Freestyle Tracks
At the code entry screen, enter: Huckit.

Bigger jumps
To make bigger jumps you can double preload. Double preloading is when you preload on the bottom of a face and at the top. Just preload as usual, only preload at the very bottom of a jump. Then on that same jump, preload again at the top. This will make you go a lot farther.

Easy store points
The easiest way to build store points quickly is to go to the high point challenge in freestyle mode. Once you are driving, try to pull of as many backflip combos as you can on every jump. Once finished with the round, you will receive half the stunt score in store points, sometimes even getting 100,000 store points in only a one minute run. The dirtbikes are slightly easier to accomplish this with. To get fast and easy store points, go to single player mode. Do freestyle mode for about ten minutes and you should have about 1 million store points.

Easy tricks at Boston
When doing freestyle mode with an ATV or dirtbike, there is a building where you can go up the ramps to get reach. When you get to the top, there is a location where you can fall off. When you get to the top quickly accelerate. When you fall you get a lot of air for tricks.

Golf Cart
To get the Golf Cart, you need 80 race points.

When riding an ATV, try landing more on the front of the vehicle. When riding a bike, land more on the rear. Doing so prevents that particular vehicle from crashing as easily. This is especially useful in freestyle modes.

Stadium Truck
To get the Stadium Truck, you need 100 race points.

Stuck at Gate
You can get a fourwheeler to flip over backwards at the gate. A dirtike cannot flip over at the gate. After you flip over backwards at the gate, take off like usual. The game will not let you go more than five seconds forward because it will keep on restarting you repeatedly.

Unlock 50cc bikes
At the code entry screen, enter: minimoto

Uphill challenges
When driving a golf cart on the uphill challenges, the easiest ways to make it is as follows. When the green light flashes, quickly accelerate. Run into the other golf carts to knock them off the mountain or hill.

Various Moves
360 Backflip: Enter R1 + Left or Right.
Backflip: Enter R1 and Up or Down.

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