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New Life Time rewards
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding reward.

The Hustler (5,000 Points): The Hustler is good at bar games, such as Darts, Foosball, and Shuffleboard.
Watering Hole Regular (7,500 points): Receive a discount on all drinks and food.
The Next Big Thing (10,000 points): Sims with this reward make any band they are in more successful. They earn extra Simoleons when playing gigs with a band.
Excellent Groupie (10,000 points): Every outing is a good time!
Master of Seduction (15,000 points): Cannot be romantically rejected. Their romantic advances always succeed.
Better Mixologist (15,000 points): Make higher quality drinks than the average Sims.
Always on the List (17,500 points): Never refused entry into bars, clubs, and lounges.
Map to the Stars (20,000 points): See all Celebrity homes in Map View, making it easy to be a frequent uninvited guest!

Babies, toddlers, children, and teens cannot be vampires. However, if born with vampire parents, they will become a vampire when they reach an adult age.

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