Trainers City - Gas Guzzlers : Combat Carnage - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Gas Guzzlers : Combat Carnage - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Cheat Mode
Press the ; key at the menu to display the console window. Then enter one of the following case sensitive codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

Invulnerability - Enter 'G_Godlike'
ALL Items Unlocked - Enter 'G_IgnoreLocks'
Add Money e.g. G_Money 100,000 - Enter 'G_Money (number)'
Simulated Win in Last Race - Enter 'G_RankUnlock'
Add Score - Enter 'G_Score (number)'

The god mode
To activate the cheat screen press ~ if that dosn't work well then press@ have a good day everybody

everydayimkilling - easy kill and unlimited ammo
mummyiwantmycar - unlocks all upgrades and all cars
nowayimputtingthisaway - lets your prize icon above the nitro icon never go away unles you bump into anoher icon
mummycanicomefirst - makes you come first in the rank list
alastinky - makes the car in front off you get distroid

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