Trainers City - Afterfall : Insanity - Cheat Codes - [PC]

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Steam Achievements
Extended Edition Steam Achievements

Asylum - Beat the game on Hard difficulty setting
Chain Reaction - Kill 3 Ashes with the chain reacting explosion
Clinic - Beat the game on Easy difficulty setting
Dancing Loony Bin - Beat the game on InSane difficulty setting
Doctor Nosy - Find all the notes in the game
Fifth Encounter Finished - Finish fifth encounter
First Boss Defeated - Defeat first boss
Fourth Encounter Finished - Finish fourth encounter
Good Listener - Listen to all recordings in the game
Hack n' Slash! - Kill 50 opponents with Sickle
Headhunter - Smash 50 heads with a kick to the head in the finisher
Pacifier - Kill 50 opponents with 'Pacyfikator' Telescopic Baton
Remote Car Champion - Move throught the vents without wasting any of the Repairbots
Sanitarium - Beat the game on Normal difficulty setting
Second Boss Defeated - Defeat Second Boss
Second Encounter Finished - Finish second encounter
Sixth Encounter Finished - Finish sixth encounter
Special Treatment - "Tranquilize" 20 opponents with Syringe
Third Boss Defeated - Defeat Third Boss
Third Encounter Finished - Finish third encounter

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