Trainers City - Critter Crunch - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Critter Crunch - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements
Beverage and Fries - Complete 6 Combos in a single level
Challenge Taker - Complete Challenge mode
Circle of Life - Complete 10 Food Chains in a single level
Crunchicidal Maniac - Pop a chain that is 15 critters long
Feats of Constipation - Unlock Challenge mode
Feeding Frenzy - Unlock Survival mode
King of the Jungle - Complete both Adventure mode and Puzzle mode
Last Man Digesting - Survive to level 9 in Survival mode
Puzzle Me This! - Unlock Puzzle mode
Smart Mouth - Complete a puzzle level with moves remaining
Smirk Wiper - Win an online Versus match
Veteran Food Eater - Reach experience level 5 in online Versus mode
Wilhelm von Puzzleworth - Complete 25 Puzzle levels
World's Greatest Dad! - Complete 35 Adventure levels while also feeding Smalls to completion

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