Trainers City - Sly 2 : Band of Thieves - [PSX]

Name of the file: Sly 2 : Band of Thieves - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Hidden FMV sequences
Defeat a Boss, then allow the game to idle until the bottom of the screen flashes. Press Square to view one of several hidden FMV sequences.

Rocket: Robot On Wheels reference
Look in the graveyard to find a Rocket: Robot on Wheels tombstone.

Mission 1 of the demo version
When on first job with Sly, follow Dimitri. Find your way onto the rooftops. Make sure you see how Dimitri get's into his Disco.

Super Speed
Press Start to pause game play, then press Down(3), Up, Down, Left, Right. Sly should sprint for a few seconds when the game is resumed.

On the D-pad press left, left, down, left, right.

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