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Name of the file: Crysis 2 [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

New Game Plus mode
Successfully complete the game. You can start another session with all previously earned armor modules.

Successfully complete the game. Press [Fire] five times during the credits to play a hidden mini-game.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
Can it run Crysis? (10 points): Complete In at the Deep End.
Foreign Contaminant (10 points): Escape the Battery Park evacuation center.
More than Human (15 points): Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site.
False Prophet (15 points): Find Nathan Gould.
Internal Affairs (15 points): Infiltrate the CELL facility at Wall Street.
Into the Abyss (20 points): Infiltrate the alien hive.
Once a Marine, Always a Marine (20 points): Assist the Marines in Madison Square.
Hung Out to Dry (20 points): Reach the Hargreave-Rasch building.
Fire Walker (25 points): Assist the evacuation at Bryant Park.
Dark Night of the Soul (25 points): Defend Central Station.
Crossroads of the World (25 points): Complete the evacuation at Times Square.
Theseus at Last (25 points): Locate Jacob Hargreave.
Home Stretch (25 points): Reach Central Park.
Start Spreading the News (35 points): Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty .
City That Never Sleeps (25 points): Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty.
Evolution (25 points): Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty.
Heart of Darkness (25 points): Complete 6 levels on Supersoldier difficulty.
Medal of Honor (25 points): Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty.
Men of Destiny (45 points): Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Supersoldier (65 points): Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier.
Close Encounters (15 points): Single Player: Stealth kill 25 enemies.
The Tourist (15 points): Find all New York Souvenirs.
Fastball (15 points): Kill 10 enemies by throwing an object at them.
Death Grip (15 points): Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw.
Popcorn (15 points): Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon.
Two Heads Are Better Than One (15 points): Single Player: Kill two enemies with a single bullet.
Blast Radius (15 points): Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade.
Headhunter (15 points): Single Player: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots.
Death Slide (15 points): Single Player: Kill 5 enemies while sliding.
Food for thought (10 points): Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan.
Hole in One (10 points): Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart.
Band of Brothers (15 points): Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die.
Literary Agent (10 points): Scan all of Richard Morgan's books in the NY public library.
Stealth Assassin (15 points): Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected.
Crysis, What Crysis? (35 points): Multiplayer: Reach Rank 50.
League of Your Own (25 points): Multiplayer: Finish top of the Scoreboard.
Dressed to Kill (30 points): Multiplayer: Fully level the Nanosuit.
Tooled Up (30 points): Multiplayer: Unlock all the weapons.
The Cleaner (25 points): Get 1 of each Skill Kill.
Cry Spy (25 points): Multiplayer: Get 30 Spot Assists.
Jack of all Trades (25 points): Multiplayer: Win a match of every game mode.
Dedication (25 points): Play online 6 months after your first time.
Modern Art (5 points): Unlock 150 Dog Tag displays.
Try Me (10 points): Complete 3 Xbox LIVE matches.
The Collector (15 points): Collect 20 Dog Tags.
Maximum Module (20 points): Multiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module.
Team Player (10 points): Be in a squad of at least 3 people and play a full game.
Nomad (10 points): Multiplayer: Play a full game on every map.
I Am Not A Number (10 points): Create your first custom class.
Additionally there is one secret achievement.
Speeding Ticket (10 points): Break the speed limit in front of 10 speed cameras.

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