Trainers City - Touhou Eiyashou : Imperishable Night - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Touhou Eiyashou : Imperishable Night - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Extra Mode:
On any difficulty and with any starting lives, complete the game without using Continues to unlock Extra mode for that character and shot type on Normal difficulty or higher.

Unlockable Last Words:
Last Words are the true final spellcards for bosses and can only be accessed in Spell Practice. Unlock the following Last Words by performing the corresponding tasks:

Ancient Duper [Tewi] - Face Reisens, Eirins and Kaguyas Last Words.
Blazing Star [Marisa] - Complete the game on Hard or Lunatic [choose FinalB] with Solo Reimu.
Blind Nightbird [Mystia] - Complete the game [choose FinalB] with 3 teams on any difficulty.
Deflation World [Sakuya] - Capture 120 spellcards in Spell Practice. [All characters combined.]
Emperor of The East [Keine] - Capture 50 spellcards in Spell Practice. [All characters combined]
Fantasy Heaven [Reimu] - Capture all Normal Difficulty spellcards with Solo Marisa in Spell Practice.
Heaven Spiders Butterfly-Catching Web [Eirin] - Capture Curse of The Heavens Apollo 13 -Hard-. [Spellcard #138 in Spell Practice.]
Lunatic Red Eyes [Reisen] - Complete FinalB with all teams on any difficulty. [TEAMS. Not solo characters.]
Paschal Moon-Reflecting Satellite Slash [Youmu] - Complete the game [choose FinalB] with 6 teams on any difficulty. [Teams and Solo characters.]
Phoenix Rebirth [Mokou] - Capture Forbidden Arcanum Hourai Elixir -Hard- [Spellcard #146] and Immortal Flying Bird -Flying Phoenix- [Spellcard #196], then face Mokous
Profound Danmaku Bounded Field -Phantasm, Foam and Shadow- [Yukari] - Face every other Last Word.
Saigyouji Flawless Nirvana [Yuyuko] - Complete the game on Lunatic difficulty. [Team and final stages dont matter]
Scarlet Destiny [Remilia] - Capture 30 SEPERATE Last Spells. [All characters combined.]
The Phantom of The Grand Guignol [Alice] - Complete Extra Stage with 3 teams/solo characters.
Total Purification [EX-Keine] - Face Wriggles, Mystias, Keines and Mokous Last Words.
Tree-Ocean of Hourai [Kaguya] - Capture 15 different Last Spells. [All characters combined]
Unseasonal Butterfly Storm [Wriggle] - Complete the game [choose FinalB] with 2 teams on any difficulty.

Unlockable Stages:
Unlock the following stages by performing the corresponding tasks:

Alternate Stage 4 - Get Good Ending to unlock the other Stage 4 in Practice Mode
Extra Stage - Get Good Ending
Final B - Complete the game Final B on next playthrough
Good Ending - Complete Stage 5 with 1 continue to access Final B. Clear Final B to credits
Practice Mode Stages - Complete a Stage to unlock it in Practice Mode

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