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Unlimited Lives in Final Battle
When fighting Bowser for the third time, if you get killed you can keep getting a 1-Up by walking behind the top left pillar.

Visit Yoshi
1. Collect all 120 Stars
2. Go to the Castle Gardens
3. The grid near the Fish Pond will open, revealing a cannon
4. Shoot yourself onto the roof of the Castle and Yoshi will be there!
5. It's a short visit, but he'll give you 99 lives and a triple-jump move before he leaves!

Unlimited Lives - American Version
When you start a game outside of the castle go to the third tree from the waterfall climb it and get the extra life. Now go into the castle door and comeback out again to get another life, you can keep on doing this forever.

Ground Pound Save
When falling from a great height, ground pound the ground just before you hit it. You won't lose any health.

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