Trainers City - Wizardry : Forsaken Land - [PSX]

Name of the file: Wizardry : Forsaken Land - Author: ANO - [PSX]

13 or more points
When starting a new game, chose to be an elf. Be natural or evil. When you get to the screen where you get your points to raise your stats (for example, 10 > 7), select "Cancel". Continue to do this until you get 13 or more points. It is possible to get as high as 31 points and should work every time you start a new game. For some reason, it cannot be done with characters of other races. Note: It is recommended that you choose to be a natural elf instead of evil - if you mistakenly attack a friendly group of monsters, you will not turn evil or good, depending on what you started with.

Easy Way to Disarm Traps
When a trap is sprung, simply pause the game and analyze the pattern then unpause the game and disarm the trap. This should always work.

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