Trainers City - Yanya Caballista : City Skater - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Yanya Caballista : City Skater - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Getting Aimee
To get Aimee, you need to beat the hard 'Bowl' ramp of the ramp mode. It is pretty hard, but once you do it, she'll be selectable on the character selection screen.

Getting Bluebee
All you need to do is beat the 10 stages of combos in the challenge section, then beat the final stage and then you'll get a little dialog box and he'll then become selectable.

Getting Clarice
To get Clarice, you need to beat the 10 regular stages and the final stage of the Gawoo attack section of challenge mode. After doing this she'll be selectable on the character select screen.

Getting Grandma B
In order to get Grandma B as a playable skater, you need to complete the Normal Ramp. Rank doesn't matter, just beat it and she'll be selectable.

Getting Mr. Honda
To get Mr. Honda you need to beat all 11 stages of the trick section of Challenge mode. Beat the final stage, and he becomes selectable.

Use the regular controller
If you want to use the regular controller instead of the fingerboard, all you need to do is go to options and go to controller set-up and switch over to controller set up B.
Now you can perform moves with the regular contol mode. It is much easier this way.

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