Trainers City - Worms - [PSX]

Name of the file: Worms - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Incredible Exploding Sheep
On the "Options" screen move the cursor away from the EXIT choice and press: X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square, X, Square, Square.

New weapons:
Press [X + Square] eight times at the weapon options screen. Banana bombs, sheep bombs and a minigun will be available. Additionally, the Ninja Rope will be extra bouncy.

Unlimited banana bombs:
Pause game play and enter the options screen. Enter the weapons option screen and press Down, Right, X, Square(2), X, Square(2), X, Square(2).

Suicide mode:
Pause game play and enter the options screen, Enter the weapons option screen, and move the pointer away from the exit icon. Then, press X(4), Square(4), X(4), Square(4) for exploding sheep.

One hit point worms:
Set the move timer and round time to unlimited, do the same with round time. Press [X + Square] eight times at the weapon options screen. During game play, pause and select extra time. All worms will be reduced to one hit point. This is particularly useful it is your turn with one team left, and an airstrike is available.

Boxing match:
Start a fire punch, quickly hold Square press R1, L1, Circle. A boxing match featuring one worm from each team will begin. Defeat your opponent using just punches and dragonballs. Normal game play will resume after one worm is defeated.

Bonus levels:
Enter one of the following passwords to play the corresponding bonus level.

Level Password
Hell Hades/666
Woods Forest
Candyland Candy
Junkyard Junk
Martian Mars
H. R. Giger-type Alien Alien
Polar Artic

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