Trainers City - Sniper Assassin - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Sniper Assassin - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Use the following steps to complete the game.
* Level one: Shoot the second person wearing a hat.
* Level two: Wait until you see a plane with China airlines. Shoot the first person coming of that plane.
* Level three: Look at the person at the computer. A guard will also come close after the guard walks away. Shoot at the computer person.
* Level four: Shoot the seventh person coming out of the jail house.
* Level five: Shoot all of the guards. Four will be on the high place. Then shoot the person with a gun on the first floor. You will see part of a head sticking out the crates at the bottom left; kill him first. Kill the people in cars.
* Level six: Kill the guard on the top right first, then kill all of the guards. There will be a guard in the middle walking in the far back; kill him. Then, kill all of the workers.

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