Trainers City - Mahjong Elements HD [iPhone] - [IPHONE]

Nom du fichier : Mahjong Elements HD [iPhone] - Auteur : ANO - [IPHONE]

Game Center achievements
Complete the following tasks to unlock Apple Game Center achievements.
A pocket full...: Clear all layouts of a category.
Am I go(o)d or what?!?: Clear a 144 layout without hints, undo, shuffle, or joker.
Earwig: Make use of the iPod feature!
Fever, baby!: Get fever twice during the same layout!
Filthy rich: Earn 10.000 coins!
Gone with the wind: Clear all Wind layouts.
Hot, hotter, hottest: Clear all Fire layouts.
Match 'em: Clear 1.000 pairs!
Mother Nature: Clear all Earth layouts.
No time for this...: Clear a layout in under 45 seconds.
Rookie: Complete your first layout.
Shopping trip: Buy all upgrades available!
Still waters run deep: Clear all Water layouts.
To buy or not to buy?: Buy your first upgrade at the shop!

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