Trainers City - This Is Football 2002 - [PSX]

Name of the file: This Is Football 2002 - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Africa All-stars team:
Win the Africa Cup to unlock the Africa All-Stars at the team selection screen.

America All-stars team:
Win the America Cup to unlock the America All-Stars at the team selection screen.

Asia All-stars team:
Win the Asia Cup to unlock the Asia All-Stars at the team selection screen.

German League All-Stars team:
Win the German League to unlock the German League All-Stars at the team selection screen.

Leister Square Pitch:
Win the European Cup to unlock the Leister Square Pitch at the stadium selection screen.

Semi Pro Pitch
Win the world Cup on World Class, and recive a bonus Semi Pro pitch with small standing areas and Cowshed Stands.

Classic League "All Stars" Teams
Beat each Nation's domestic league, to unlock each league's ALL STARS team. The German one, in particular, rocks!

Credit FMV sequence:
Win the Timewarp Cup to unlock an option for the game's credits at the main menu.

Double pass:
Press X(2) during a game to a nearby teammate.

Glitch: Multiple penalties:
Press X when inside the goalkeeper's area and an opposing player is close about to tackle you, even though none of your teammates are around. If done correctly, when the opposing player tackles you, he will tackle your player's leg instead of the ball repeatedly.

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