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Pro class trucks:
Successfully complete the first nine tracks in single race mode.

Unlimited class trucks:
Successfully complete the first twenty seven tracks in single race mode.

Monster truck:
Successfully complete the all twenty seven tracks in single race mode in first place. Note: Try using Moon Buggy or the Rod Hall Hummer after they are unlocked.

Finish in first place in the first three seasons of career mode in all divisions.

Shelby Dodge Durango:
Finish in first place in season four of career mode in the speed division.

Dodge T-Rex:
Finish in first place in season four of career mode in the power division.

Rod Hall Hummer:
Finish in first place in all divisions in career mode. The Rod Hall Hummer is good for speed. It handles poorly and is average in climbing. It can be a power vehicle if needed. It works well for single race on the blitz races.

Moon level and Moon Buggy:
Collect all nine Blue Moon cafe signs in free roam or career mode. There are three signs in each level. The Moon Buggy is the best all around vehicle and is able to reach speeds of 132 mph. It is the vehicle to use on all the other races in single race.

Controlled landing:
Hold R1 after a jump, then use the Left Analog-stick to steer your descent.

Flip or barrel roll:
Go off of a large jump and when in the air, hold R1 (default controls) + Left or Right to do a barrel roll. To flip, hold R1 + Up or Down.

Get up to 187 mph:
Use the Rod Hall Hummer and go down a hill or get into the air. It will go 187 mph.

Top speeds:

Special cars
Rod Hall Hummer: 190
Shelby Durango: 162
Monster Truck: 147
T Rex: 126
Humvee: 125

Mercedes: 113
Durango: 112
Ram 2500: 110
F150: 110
Silverado: 104
Avalanche: 104
Blazer: 101
Hummer Soft Top: 101
Wrangler: 101
CJ5: 100
Hummer Wagon: 100
Bronco: 99

Mercedes: 133
Durango: 130
Ram 2500: 126
F150: 126
Silverado: 119
Avalanche: 115
Blazer: 114
Hummer Soft Top: 113
Hummer Wagon: 112
Bronco: 110
CJ5: 102
Wrangler: 101

Durango: 147
Mercedes: 147
Ram2500: 141
F150: 140
Silverado: 136
Avalanche: 128
Hummer Soft Top: 125
CJ5: 125
Wrangler: 125
Blazer: 124
Hummer Wagon: 124
Bronco: 121

Durango: 168
Mercedes: 168
Ram 2500: 161
F150: 157
Silverado: 155
Avalanche: 142
Blazer: 138
Hummer Soft Top: 138
Wrangler: 138
Hummer Wagon: 136
Bronco: 132
CJ5: 132

Fastest three
Rod Hall Hummer: 190
Durango: 168
Mercedes: 168

Helicopters and hang gliders:
Helicopters and hang gliders will fly right through you and cannot be destroyed. If you hit one while in the air, you will go through it.

Moab: Knock down rocks:
When first starting out, go straight until the first larger hill. Go to the left and look for a rock structure that comes to a point and a big ball of rock at the top. Drive up the low angled side and go directly into the rock. It should fall down into the crack to the left side. This cannot be done in multi-player mode.

Moab: Drive on arches:
Drive around until you see a large arch and try to drive up it. You need a power vehicle, such as the Moon Buggy, the Hummers, or the Monster Truck to do this.

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