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Nom du fichier : SSX Tricky - Auteur : FUZ - [PSX]

Uber Board
To unlock a characters "Uber Board" complete all of their Trick Chapters and then complete the 6th Trick Chapter which is just the Uber Moves and the signature Uber Move then the Uber Board will appear at the end of the board selection.

Unlock MASTER Outfit
To unlock a character's MASTER outfit, get a MASTER ranking by obtaining medals in World Circuit mode. Then, on the outfit select screen, you will see a cool chrome outfit!

Pipedream course:
Win a medal on all Showoff courses.

Untracked course:
Win a medal on all Race courses.

Alternate costumes:
To earn more costumes, complete all chapters in your trick book.

Easy Grinds
After getting up on any grind (pipes, sign wires, fences) immediately press LEFT or RIGHT on the control pad to turn the board sideways.

Use the left joystick to keep your balance.

If there's a small gap, boost usually works better than jumping. In the air, immediately press LEFT or RIGHT on the contol pad again to spin and a better chance at landing the next grind.

...repeat until you fall off.

-- from fuzKnuckle

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