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Let Them Come to You:
If you rush out into combat you'll be torn to shreds by both your enemies
and your friends. Take on your opponents one at a time if possible.

Born to Lead:
Using the Q key to activate command mode is vital. When the firefight starts,
use it to direct your allies' fire against especially tough opponents to
take them out.

take any weapon and make it as your first weapon i like the minigun then take
a good secondary weapon and equip it get in to battle hit 2 then quickly hit
r then 1 you gan combine the weapons.

Go to options and klick grey ball next save settings it is cheats all guns.

Take Minigun as wep and M 79:
If u begin take M 79 and push much times on R, in that time ur pushing on R
Take ur minigun back by pushin 1 ( still push R) If u have minigun, then stop
pushing R.. u will get auto-fire bazooka bullets! Hint: AIm with your cursor
entirely to the other side of the game, then the M 79 bullets explode there!

get the flaregun and minigun and when playng select the flaregun and hold
r and press 1 (still hold r) then release r when the minigun is shown and
you have an unlimited range automatic flamethrower!!!!!

will work with any weapons and email me at if
you find a ace one!!!! good shooting harry.

Easy kills:
Do not rush out into combat. Take your opponents on one at a time if possible.

choose flame thrower then choose micro uzi then press 2 then hold r and press 1
then let go of the r then you'll have a flme thrower uzi that accuracy is 100%
cause it doesnt miss where you piont the target it will hit it without moving the bullet try it.

equip any gun (my faveorite is the spas-12 shotgun), hold 'R'(and keep it held)
press '' to equip the army knife (still holding R) let it reload and you have a
gun with unlimited ammo! N.B. there is absolutely no kickback!but you can only
fire one shot at a time.the damage is also increased/reduced to 80

Unlimted Ammo:
Ok first get death's sycthe and then as your secondary any weapon then when in a war move to your secondary and and hold "r" and then click 1. Then your get unlimted ammo that kills in one shot!!

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