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5 new wall hangings and 75 coins
At the options area enter SPROUTARBORETUM852 this code comes only with the special pink UB Funkey base unit.

50 coins
On the main menu, click Options and type iluvfunkeys345.

Various Hints
Museum mask mayhem:

Level 1: Go super slow to get more points try to let it fall a lot dont be a maniac.

Level 2: Go a little faster be kanda fast in the beginning then get slower. level 3:go even faster but not to fast just enough speed to get you through at a normal paste.

Level 4: Super fast, from top to bottom, and dont lose focus!

Level 5: Its what you've all been waiting for! go like a maniac! but still top to bottom.

Secret: Every level has a crystal it starts at 1000 for points and increases be 500!

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