The Medium - Xbox One

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The Medium - Xbox One
Nom du fichier : The Medium - Xbox One - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Easy "Famished Feline" Achievement
This achievement is missable though I'm quite sure that the majority of the players will feed the cat. Anyhow, when you're in the kitchen area in Jack's home, take a look at the food on the counter and take it, then put it in the bowl.

Easy "Phantom" Achievement
If you didn't get gone after or gotten by the Maw, the achievement will unlock after using the bolt cutters for the very first time and passing the doors. For more security, it's much better to prevent that from the very first time you fulfilled it, believed I can't identify if it's that minute or not. Load the previous auto-save if you get captured or chased after. You can also use Insight: an arrow will reveal you where the Maw is and the color implies how close it is. If it's red, it does not matter, as far as you do not activate any chase or grab. To minimize the difficulty, just change to toggeable rather of hold for Insight and Hold Breath.

Secret Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
All That's Left Unsaid (40 points) Find all of Frank's postcards in a single playthrough.
Among the Ashes (20 points) Find the Red House.
An Unknown Outcome (40 points) Find all of Thomas' notes in a single playthrough.
Can't Always Save Everyone (100 points) Finish the game.
Conduit (20 points) Use Spirit Blast to create electricity.
Cut the Crap (20 points) Acquire the bolt cutters.
Dark Water (20 points) Make it through the pump station.
Devouring Darkness (40 points) Find all pages from Richard's diary in a single playthrough.
Edge of Sanity (20 points) Acquire the razor.
Famished Feline (20 points) Feed the cat in Jack's apartment.
Followed the Trail (40 points) Find all of Henry's Echoes in a single playthrough.
Medium Rare (20 points) Burn through the moths using Spirit Shield.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (20 points) Complete the broken mirror.
Running Sim (30 points) Run 2 kilometers.
The Cheerful Kind (20 points) Meet Sadness.
The Childeater (20 points) Experience your first vision of Thomas.
The Hound (20 points) Experience your second vision of Thomas.
The Last Goodbye (20 points) Send Jack's spirit away.
The Pact (20 points) Uncover the mystery of the burned down house
Through the Looking Glass (20 points) Use a mirror to cross over.
Thunderstruck (30 points) Defeat the creature in the flooded ruins.
Unforgiven (20 points) Send the Childeater away.
Unrepentant (20 points) Send the Hound away.
Welcome to Niwa (20 points) Reach the hotel.
You Saw, You Ran, You Lived (20 points) Survive a monstrous encounter.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
A Dangerous Method (10 points) Find a note from a troubled man.
Calling Out to Me (40 points) Find all Echoes in a single playthrough.
Caught the Scent (10 points) Find an Echo of a mysterious caller.
Dual Detective (30 points) Inspect 50 objects in a single playthrough.
From Niwa with Love (10 points) Find a postcard from the groundskeeper.
Guiding Light (10 points) Find a page from a mentor's diary.
I Know the Pieces Fit (10 points) Reconstruct a Memory Shard.
Inner Investigator (10 points) Inspect 25 objects in a single playthrough.
Insightful (30 points) Use Insight for at least 15 minutes.
Left Behind (10 points) Find an Echo.
Phantom (40 points) Escape the creature without alerting it.
Psychic Sleuth (50 points) Inspect 100 objects in a single playthrough.
Puzzling Out the Past (40 points) Reconstruct all Memory Shards in a single playthrough.
Spirit Walking (20 points) Spend 10 minutes outside your body.

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