Call of Duty: WWII - Xbox One

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Call of Duty: WWII - Xbox One
Nom du fichier : Call of Duty: WWII - Xbox One - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Diamond camo in Multiplayer
Unlock the Gold camo for all weapons in a specific class (e.g. Assault Rifle) in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Diamond camo for all weapons in that class.

Easter Egg: The Final Reich (Zombies)
Complete the following steps in The Final Reich (Zombies) to complete the Easter Egg (retrieve the Artifact) and get the "Fireworks" achievement.

Note: To make completing the Easter Egg easier, keep pressing the button that highlights most of the objectives in-game. It can be completed solo offline or with any number of players in co-op.

Step 1 - Turn on the Power: There is a generator in the middle of the map with three red lights on it. Your objective is to make all of them green. To do this, turn three gas valves around the map for about six seconds each. The first one is located behind the Geistschild machine in the village square area. The second one is also in this area to the left of the bunker door you are trying to open. For the third one, open the door towards the pub. You can simply look for the power cables connecting the generator and the gas valves on the floor. Just follow them to all the respective valves. Once the generator is working again, activate the flamethrower trap in the middle of the town square to destroy the wooden lid covering the entrance to the sewer area. Go down there and proceed down the only path you can follow to see the actual power generator for the map on the left side next to the exit. Interact with it to turn it on.

Step 2 - Rerouteing the Power in the Bunker: Once you are in the bunker, buy the doors to the morgue and laboratory for 1,500 jolts each. Then, activate two different control panels within 30 seconds. One is in morgue and the other is in the laboratory. The morgue one is just down the set of stairs on the right (when entering the area). The laboratory one is on the second floor, above the Schildblitz machine. Once the power has been rerouted, buy the door in the middle of the command room to the salt mine tunnels.

Step 3 - Power up the Geiskraft Transfer Device: Proceed down the mine until you reach "The Emperor's Chamber" large circular room. This room is where most of the objectives will take place in, as it is your task to retrieve the Artifact from this machine. Interact with the device. Then, kill approximately 15-20 zombies to charge the machine. All zombie types count for this. Once it is powered up, the next objective is to unlock the canopy that is blocking the device. To do that, simply return to the command room and turn the crank in front of you by interacting with it. Next, start the Tesla Gun assembly process. Simply walk up the stairs in the command room and interact with the red button in front of you.

Step 4 - Assemble the Tesla Gun: To get the two missing parts for the Tesla Gun, first escort the Geistkraft Device into the laboratory. There is a red area around the device, and you have to kill zombies within that area to make it move. Once you have reached the end of the escort, the device will stop and power up a generator. Simply wait approximately 45-60 seconds for the generator to finish. You can then collect the Tesla Gun barrel. After the device has moved back to the command room on its own, you have to escort it again by killing zombies in the red area, but this time it will move to the morgue. Once it is there, you have to wait 45-60 seconds again for the giant blender to finish. Once you have collected the Tesla Gun core, go back to the command room and place both parts in the weapon forge (be careful though as a powerful Brenner zombie will spawn first -- make sure to use a decent wall weapon for this part). You can then collect the Tesla Gun, which also unlocks the "Lightning Handler" achievement.

Step 5 - Power up the Right Hand of God: Go to The Emperor's Chamber again, and interact with the Right Hand of God (machine to the left when you enter the room). Then, go back up to the command room and activate the large control panel behind the weapons forge. Your objective now is to activate the smaller fuse boxes 1 to 4 in sequence and to change the color of each display to the one you saw on the control panel. The three colors are Rot (red), Grun (green), and Blau (blue). You have around 45 seconds to activate all four boxes -- so you will have to quickly memorize the four color sequence, change the first display to the respective color, and then make your way over to boxes 2-4. They can be found at the following locations:

1. Next to the main panel.

2. After going through the morgue and the door leading to the sewers, it will be in front of the Pack-A-Punch machine room, at the crossroads.

3. Next to the door leading out of the Pack-A-Punch room to the harbor.

4. Next to the door leading to the tower from the pub.

Your next objective will be to go over to the tower and activate and defend the central lightning rod. This should be fairly easy if you use your special ability. Once this has been completed, activate and defend the two smaller lightning rods on the left and right. This can be a bit difficult solo, but should be fairly easy with a 2-4 players. Just keep checking both rods frequently and kill the zombies as quickly as possible. Make sure to be careful since another Brenner spawns once this step has been completed.

Step 6 - Repair the Left Hand of God: After interacting with the Right Hand of God, a zeppelin will spawn outside, flying in circles over the town. Shoot one of the four orange lights on the bottom of the zeppelin until a "Uberschnalle" (battery) is dropped by the ship. To do this, focus on one of the four lights and damage it until it is red and eventually drops the Uberschnalle. Run over to the location it was dropped to ensure the ship does not steal it back (which would force you to damage the zeppelin again). Then, get kills near the Uberschnalle to charge it up. Once it is fully charged, take it down to The Emporer's Chamber and place it in the Left Hand of God. You might have to use your camouflage ability to carry it down there or drop it multiple times, as zombies will be attacking you. Repeat this step two more times. If the objective tells you to survive until the zeppelin returns, you have to end your current round or else the ship will not spawn again. Once you place the third and final Uberschnalle, the Hand of God will now be working.

Step 7 - Calibrate the Voice of God: The Voice of God is the machine between the Left and Right Hand of God. To calibrate it, change the four numbers below the raven symbols on the side of the machine to their correct number. To find the correct number for each raven, scan four portraits around the map, using a Brenner head. At this point, you should have already killed two or three Brenners. Go back to the spot where you killed one and grab their head. You can also click the touchpad button to highlight the heads. To scan a portrait, simply hold the ADS (aim down sights) button. You will see a roman numeral next to the raven. The numbers go from 1-5. The four portrait can be found at the following locations:

1. Moonraven (moon above his head, facing forward): On the lowest floor in the morgue, on the opposite side of the sewer door.

2. Stormraven (facing right): Inside the pub on the second floor.

3. Deathraven (facing forward): Inside the Pack-A-Punch room.

4. Bloodraven (facing left): Outside of the church, near the M1928 wall weapon.

Once you have figured out the four numbers needed, enter them into the Voice of God machine and activate it.

Step 8 - Defeat the Panzermorder (Klaus): A red electric bubble will appear above the Geistkraft Transfer Device in The Emperor's Chamber. Shoot it with the Tesla Gun to make it open up. You can now see the sword hilt sticking out of it. Collect it to start the Panzermorder (Klaus) boss fight. The fight consists of two steps that you have to repeat three times. The steps are:

Step 8.1 - Get a Uberschnalle from the Zeppelin: This is exactly the same as Step 6. Follow Step 6 to complete it.

Step 8.2 - Attach the Uberschnalle to the Panzermorder (Klaus): Shoot Klaus until you have stunned him (the game will tell you when you have successfully done that), then attach the Uberschnalle to him. Once you have done this for the third time, the boss fight will be completed.

Getting rare supply drops in Multiplayer
The following are ways to obtain rare supply drops in Multiplayer mode:

Daily/Weekly Orders: Complete Daily Orders given by Major Howard to earn supply drops. Complete six Daily Orders in 24 hours to get a rare supply drop. Complete Weekly Orders to get rare supply drops; however, they are more challenging compared to Daily Orders.

Quartermaster Contracts: Quartermaster offers different rewards for different contracts -- each contract requires you to complete a certain action in a set time limit. As you scroll through them, keep an eye on the rewards, as not all contracts give supply drops.

Random Supply Drops: You can earn supply drops simply by playing multiplayer matches. There is also a chance you will get a random rare supply drop.

Mystery Box in Prologue
Shoot the ten lanterns in the Prologue / Groesten Haus (Zombies) map to unlock the Mystery Box. This is very useful for getting the "Pressure Cooker" achievement (complete Round 20 in the Prologue). Eight lanterns are inside the house (four downstairs and four upstairs) and two are outside (left window and right window). After shooting a lantern, it will make a raven sound and start glowing purple. After shooting all ten lanterns, a door will open upstairs and reveal the secret Mystery Box behind it. It costs 1,000 points to use and gives you one random weapon. It can also give you the Jack-In-The-Box, which distracts zombies for a few seconds and kills them upon detonation.

Prestige unlockables in Multiplayer
Reach Level 55 in Multiplayer mode to unlock the option to Prestige. Prestige the indicated division to unlock the corresponding bonus weapon and a special badge:

KAR98K: Prestige with the Mountain Division to unlock the KAR98K bolt-action sniper rifle. The weapon deals high damage and can kill players with one shot.

MG 42: Prestige with the Armored Division to unlock the MG 42 full-auto LMG. This weapon has a very high rate of fire and moderate recoil.

MP-40: Prestige with the Airborne Division to unlock the MP-40 automatic SMG. This weapon has a steady rate of fire and minimum recoil.

Sawed-Off Shotgun: Prestige with the Expeditionary Division to unlock the Sawed-Off Shotgun. This weapon deals very high damage at close range.

SVT-40: Prestige with the Infantry Division to unlock the SVT-40 semi-automatic rifle. This weapon deals high damage.

Secret Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Champagne and Caviar (15 points) Complete Liberation.
Dark Arts (15 points) In The Final Reich, build all variants of the Tesla Gun.
Dark Reunion (30 points) In The Final Reich, save Klaus.
Death Factory (15 points) Complete Death Factory.
Human Cost (15 points) Complete Collateral Damage
Last Stop (15 points) Complete S.O.E.
Lightning Handler (10 points) In The Final Reich, build a Tesla Gun.
Long Way from Texas (15 points) Complete D-Day.
Lurking Around (10 points) In The Final Reich, find and shoot Dr. Straub.
No Sacrifice Too Great (15 points) Complete Ambush.
No Sanctuary (15 points) Complete Stronghold.
Our Men (15 points) Complete Hill 493.
The Paddle (15 points) Complete Operation Cobra.
Undertaker (10 points) In The Final Reich, kill the Bomber with the shovel.
Worst Christmas Ever (15 points) Complete Battle of the Bulge.

Secret Chrome camo in Multiplayer
Unlock the Diamond camo for all weapons in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Chrome camo for all weapons. The Chrome camo normally looks best on the Heroic version of weapons.

Secret V2 Rocket (nuke) scorestreak in Multiplayer
Prestige all five divisions at least once. Then, get a 25 kill streak in Multiplayer mode to get the secret V2 Rocket scorestreak, which kills all enemy players on the map when it hits.

Tesla Gun in The Final Reich
After unlocking the Bunker and Salt Mine, go inside the Command Room and interact with the crank until it stops. Then, go inside the Emperor Room and interact with the machine in front of Barbarossa's statue. Next, continue killing zombies near the machine to charge it up. Keep killing zombies in the nearby area until the Mind Power Machine floats into a hole in the ceiling. After charging the Mind Power Device, go to the Command Room and interact with the button on the upper section of the room to cause the Mind Power Device to start moving; the machine will come to a stop at certain locations. You must keep the Mind Power Device moving. To do this, stay inside the red circle on the ground and continue killing nearby zombies to charge the MPD again. Eventually, the MPD will move near an Electrical Generator, right next to the Schnellblitz Machine. After a short while, the MPD will infuse with the Electrical Generator and shoot out a piece of the weapon. After obtaining the gun's part, the Mind Power Device will start moving again. While following it, kill zombies inside the red circle on the ground until the MPD reaches the Mortuary Generator. You then need to wait for a while to acquire the Tesla Canister from the inside of the generator. After that, go back to the Command Room to find a special zombie on the upper section of the room. Kill this special zombie and grab its head. Once you have both parts, go to the machine in the middle and place them to get the Tesla Gun.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Ack Ack (20 points) Protect your tanks by shooting down all planes in Operation Cobra.
Buck Private (5 points) Get 10 kills in Multiplayer.
Chain Smoker (15 points) Disable 50 enemies using smoke grenades.
Defender (20 points) Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.
Distinguished Service (50 points) Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.
Divisional Commander (30 points) Prestige a Division.
Fireworks (25 points) In The Final Reich, retrieve the artifact.
Flyboy (20 points) Protect the bombers by personally shooting down 12 enemy planes in Battle of the Bulge.
Fog of War (10 points) Sneak through the Dragon's Teeth undetected in Death Factory.
Friend In Need (25 points) Request Zussman to toss you First Aid Kits 30 times.
Gasoline Cowboy (15 points) Rescue your allies with the Sherman while keeping your armor above 80% in Collateral Damage.
General of the Army (90 points) Enter Prestige 1.
I See Movement! (25 points) Request Pierson to spot enemies 25 times.
I've Got You! (25 points) Drag 9 unique allies to safety.
Infiltrated (20 points) Reach the sniper perch without being detected in Ambush.
Marksman (25 points) Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Stronghold.
One of the Lucky Few (10 points) Breach the seawall in under 2 minutes without taking MG fire.
Pieces of History (10 points) Collect all 33 mementos.
Potato Masher (15 points) Save 5 allies by throwing away a live enemy grenade.
Praise and Pass (25 points) Request Turner to toss you ammo 20 times.
Pressure Cooker (10 points) In Prologue, survive until wave 20.
Quarter Given (25 points) Get 4 unique groups of enemies to surrender.
Red Mist (10 points) In The Final Reich, get 10 kills from a single Bomber's explosion.
Rescuer (25 points) Save 10 unique allies locked in struggle.
Ricky Recruit (30 points) Complete 21 Daily Challenges.
School of Hard Knocks (25 points) Request Stiles to toss you grenades 15 times.
Silent Night (20 points) Sneak through the courtyard undetected in Liberation.
Slow and Steady (10 points) Spend 3 minutes using Focus in the campaign.
Strike! (10 points) In The Final Reich, knock over 10 zombies with a Wüstling charge.
Sunday Driver (15 points) Complete the driving portion of S.O.E. without hitting any obstacles.
Suppressive Fire! (10 points) Successfully escort the pole charge engineer to the pillbox in Hill 493.
To The End (50 points) Complete the Campaign.
Tour of Duty (15 points) Win 5 War matches.
White Knuckles (15 points) In The Final Reich, survive 3 Pest waves in a single match without getting hit.
Who Needs a Pendant? (25 points) Request Aiello to toss you signal smoke and call in mortar strikes 10 times.

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