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Call of Duty: Warzone [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Call of Duty: Warzone [Xbox One] - XBOXONE
Nom du fichier : Call of Duty: Warzone [Xbox One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Avoid the Gas
The gas in Call of Duty: Warzone moves fast and is lethal so make sure you don't drop too near to it, you will not be able to employ an edge-of-the-circle strategy like in other games such as Fortnite. The best strategy is to drop somewhere wide out on the map and gradually move inwards in time with the closing circle. This will help ensure you don't get flanked from behind and also allow you to loot safely.

Buy a Revive Kit
It is important that you invest in a self-ressurect at $4500 as soon as you are able to as it is your first defense from getting sent to the Gulag when you get killed in a match.

Complete Contracts
Undertake some contracts in the early game so you able to earn the rewards you receive for completing them. Contracts are relatively simple and will be marked on your map by little target or flag icons.

Always crouch if you know enemies are nearby. This can help you detect where they're coming from.

Pick up Ammo
Always pick up any ammo you come across regardless of what type it is, even if you don't currently have a gun that utilises it.

Pre-Game XP
Take the time during the pre-game 'warm up' mode when you are waiting to be loaded up to grind some XP for your character and weapons by getting some kills. This also allows you to get some practice while you are waiting to start a match.

When you enter the final stretch of a match you will likely encounter several enemies very quickly, make sure to have a weapon with lots of ammo in the clip to avoid getting caught while reloading.

Reviving the Fallen
Keep in mind that reviving a member of your squad can take around 5-6 seconds so it is important that you make sure you are safe before helping them.

Spend your Cash
Don't hoard your Cash, spend it at Buy Stations whenevr you are able to. These in-game stores are marked by little shopping trollies on your map and allow you to buy additional things like armour plates, the self-resurrection ability, and killstreaks. Check out our What are Buy Stations page to find out more about these interactable loot stockpiles which allow you to purchase useful equipment.

Use the Ping System
Use the ping system to communicate with other players in your squad when you suspect danger but can't confirm it. The ping system also allows you to open doors and loot.

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