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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

Nom du fichier : Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 [Xbox One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

Blackout characters
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character in Blackout mode.

Airborne: Reach Level 60 in Blackout mode.
Battle Hardened: Reach Level 80 Prestige in Blackout mode.
Frogman: Reach Level 40 in Blackout mode.
Mason: Unknown.
Mendez: Unknown.
Ranger: Reach Level 20 in Blackout mode.
Reznov: Unknown.
Seal: Reach Level 80 in Blackout mode.

Blackout perks
The following is a list of the effects and duration of perks in Blackout mode.

Effect: Increase melee damage. Gain 50 health for each successful melee attack.
Duration: 240 seconds

Dead Silence
Effect: Move quietly. Make less noise opening stashes.
Duration: 240 seconds

Iron Lungs
Effect: Increase breath hold time on siper rifles and tactical rifles. Increased breath hold time underwater.
Duration: 300 seconds

Effect: Reveal nearby stashes and loot items.
Duration: 120 seconds

Effect: Receive additional audible alert when targeted by an enemy.
Duration: 240 seconds

Effect: Reduce damage from explosions and fire. Increased resistance to flashbang, concussion, and razor wire.
Duration: 240 seconds

Effect: Move faster while crouched and prone.
Duration: 180 seconds

Squad Link
Effect: Teammates are visible through walls.
Duration: 120 seconds

Multiplayer characters
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character in Multiplayer mode.

Recon: Find the "1 Ching Coin" special item in a random green supply box in Blackout mode. Once you find the item, take no collapse damage (circle damage) and finish in the top 15 with the "1 Ching Coin" in your inventory to unlock Recon. Note: You can die once you are in the top 15 and still unlock Recon, but you have to keep the coin in your inventory until you die.

Torque: Torque can be unlocked from completing a special mission you get from a supply drop in Blackout mode. The supply drops are announced when they are dropped, but you have to find the box before anyone else. They drop from planes -- so you can watch them and find out where it is going. Torque's character mission is to place down two Razor wires, place one Barricade, finish in the top 15, and end the match with the "NotFrom Torque" item (obtained from the supply drop) in your inventory. You can die and still unlock Torque if you are in the top 15 and complete the other objectives. The supply drop may contain all the required items to complete the objectives. Make sure to immediately complete the objectives so you do not die before completing them.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
A Little Pack Here, a Little Punch There (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, use the Pack-a-Punch at every possible location in a single game.
Abandon Ship (30 points) In Voyage of Despair, complete the Trial.
Acidic Alchemy (15 points) In IX, Get a kill with the Acid Trap in each of its craftable locations.
Battle Tested (30 points) Reach Commander (Level 55) in Multiplayer while playing online.
Blackout Historian (15 points) In Blackout, unlock Reznov, Mason, Woods and Menendez.
Centennial (15 points) Acquire 100% of the Stars.
Constellation Prize (15 points) In IX, kill 9 zombies with a single uncharged shot from the Death of Orion.
Gat Trick (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, kill the Warden with the Blundergat, Acidgat, and Magmagat in a single game.
Gift of Serket (15 points) In IX, acquire Serket's Kiss.
Gong like the Wind (15 points) In IX, defeat all 8 challengers summoned by a gong within 5 minutes.
Here Kitty, Kitty (15 points) In IX, Kill a Zombie Tiger with a Brain Rotted Tiger.
High Score (15 points) In Zombies Rush, obtain a Personal Score of 250,000.
Historical Reenactment (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, equip Hell's Retriever, Spoon, Blundergat, and Tommy Gun at the same time.
Hot Stuff Coming Through (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, forge a Magmagat.
I Know a Shortcut (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, take every fast travel path in a single game.
Jack of All Blades, Master of Guns (15 points) Level up all 8 Special Weapons to Stage 3.
Kraken Unfettered (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, kill 9 enemies with a single shot of the Kraken.
Match Made in Hell (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, complete a Gondola ride with the Warden.
Most Escape Alive (30 points) In Blood of the Dead, escape.
MP 101 (15 points) Complete all 10 Specialists Tutorials.
Multiplicitous (15 points) In Zombie Rush, get your score multiplier up to 100.
My First Win (30 points) Win Blackout.
My Home is the Arena (15 points) In IX, survive to Round 20 without opening a gate.
Not A Fluke (30 points) Win 10 Blackout games.
Off the Deep End (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, survive to round 20 without draining the water.
Paranormal Patch Up (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, revive another Player with a shield.
Perkaholic Relapse (15 points) Acquire every perk in a single game.
Prestigious Award (130 points) Attain max level or Prestige with 25 different weapons in Zombies.
Rock, Paper, Plasma (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, kill 9 zombies via Catalytic Detonations in a single game.
Senseless Axe of Violence (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, kill the max number of zombies with Hell's Redeemer before it starts to return.
Skilled Adversary (15 points) In IX have a Challenge banner with all 9 medallions.
Skirmisher (15 points) Win 1 Skirmish with each Specialist (10 total)
Sleuth (15 points) Unlock all intel (videos and audio files)
Special Issue Equipment (15 points) Earn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue Equipment.
Special Issue Weaponry (15 points) Earn 10 medals that are based on Special Issue Weaponry.
Specialist Super Fan (15 points) In Blackout, unlock Battery, Ruin, Firebreak, Seraph, Nomad, Prophet, Ajax, Crash, Torque and Recon.
Stargazer (15 points) Earn a Star with each Specialists.
Stoking the Flames (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, kill 3 Stokers via weak-point in a single round.
Stowaway (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, spend 5 consecutive rounds in the Cargo Hold.
Straw Purchase (15 points) Gift a Mystery Box Wonder Weapon to a teammate and have them accept it.
Swimming with the Fishes (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, kill 50 zombies that are underwater in a single game.
Team Player (15 points) In Zombies Rush, obtain a Team Score of 500,000.
The Doctor is In (15 points) Use PhD Slider to fall 10 feet and kill 10 zombies at once.
The Slaughterhouse (15 points) In IX, dismember 13 limbs in a single game while in The Pit.
Throw a Dog a Bone (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, feed a wolf head from the Gondola, Citadel, and Model Industries in a game.
Trialling Experience (15 points) In Voyage of Despair, acquire the Sentinel Artifact.
Vanquisher (30 points) Win 50 games in Multiplayer.
Venerated Warrior (30 points) In IX, defeat the most venerated opponent.
Welcome to the Club (15 points) Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in Multiplayer while playing online.
West Side for Life (15 points) In Blood of the Dead, reach Round 20 without leaving the West Side of the island.
Zombie Fanatic (15 points) In Blackout, unlock Bruno, Scarlett, Diego, Shaw, Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai and Richtofen.
Zombies 101 (15 points) Complete the Zombies Tutorial.

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