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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

Nom du fichier : Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath [Xbox One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

All Friendships:
Each character has one Friendship added with the "Aftermath" DLC. To use Friendships, enter one of the following button combos (found under "Finishers" in the "Move List") when the screen says "Finish Him" (at mid distance). Friendships are a non-violent alternative to fatalities. Note: If you are in a kompetitive match, you are not allowed to block in the final round to use Friendships, but this is not required in non-kompetitive matches.
Baraka: Back, Forward, Down, Down, X
Cassie Cage: Back, Forward, Down, Down, X
Cetrion: Down, Down, Down, Down, X
D'Vorah: Back, Forward, Down, Back, Y
Erron Black: Back, Forward, Down, Forward, A
Frost: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, A
Fujin: Back, Down, Back, Down, Y
Geras: Back, Down, Back, Down, B
Jade: Back, Down, Down, Down, Y
Jax: Forward, Back, Down, Down, Y
Jacqui: Down, Down, Down, Down, Y
Johnny Cage: Back, Forward, Back, Down, Y
Joker: Down, Down, Down, Down, A
Kabal: Forward, Down, Back, Down, X
Kano: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, Y
Kitana: Back, Down, Down, Back, A
Kollector: Forward, Back, Down, Down, Y
Kotal Kahn: Down, Forward, Down, Back, A
Kung Lao: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, B
Liu Kang: Forward, Down, Down, Forward, Y
Nightwolf: Forward, Back, Forward, Down, X
Noob Saibot: Down, Back, Down, Forward, A
Raiden: Down, Back, Forward, Down, B
RoboCop: Back, Down, Forward, Down, B
Scorpion: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, B
Shao Kahn: Down, Forward, Down, Forward, Y
Sheeva: Forward, Back, Down, Down, X
Sindel: Forward, Down, Up, Up, A
Skarlet: Back, Down, Down, Back, A
Sonya Blade: Down, Forward, Down, Down, X
Spawn: Back, Down, Forward, Down, X
Sub-Zero: Down, Down, Forward, Back, X
Shang Tsung: Back, Back, Down, Forward, B
Terminator: Back, Down, Back, Down, A

Fujin, Robocop, and Sheeva fatalities:
There are two fatalities each for the three new characters (Fujin, Robocop, and Sheeva) added in the "Aftermath" DLC. Enter one of the following button combos at the indicated distance when the screen says "Finish Him" to execute the listed fatality.

Wind Blade (Far): Back, Down, Down, Back, X
Twisted Twister (Close): Forward, Back, Down, Y

Dead Or Alive (Close): Back, Forward, Down, Down, Y
Thank You For Your Cooperation (Mid): Forward, Down, Forward, X

Stomp The Yard (Close): Down, Down, Down, X
Spinal Tap (Close): Forward, Down, Down, Forward, A

Vue : 1987 fois

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