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Super Time Force [Xbox One] - XBOXONE

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Super Time Force [Xbox One] - XBOXONE
Nom du fichier : Super-Time-Force-[Xbox-One] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOXONE]

You have a total of 30 time-outs that can be triggered at any moment that allow you to scroll back through the action and then throw another soldier into the mix at a point of your choosing so they can fight alongside the recordings of their collegues.

Unlock Dr. Infinity Level:
Complete the following 6 areas; 1,000,000 BC, 9600 BC, 673, 199X, and 3072 to unlock Dr. Infinity Level.

Easy The Hardest of Core Achievement:
This Achievement becomes unlocked when you complete Super Hardcore mode. The easiest way to do this to get the Glorbs and Shards (and any other Achievement) in the normal story mode, so you can just run right through Super Hardcore mode in 2-3 hours. Basically if you have ALL the characters you have a better chance of beating this because you have more to not save.

Unlock Bonus Characters:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character.

In 199X, catch up to her.

Commander Repeatski:
Start the final mission.

the Vinci:
Collect 100% of the Glorbs.

Dolphin Lundgren:
In 9,600 BC, reach the waterfall with the falling logs. Ride the logs down instead of moving up, then jump to the bottom right corner of the area to find a door. Shoot it open, and kill the enemy inside.

Jef Leppard:
In 198X, search for his cage behind a large gate. An enemy robot will drop down. Quickly defeat the robot before it kills Jef to save him.

Lou Don Jim:
In 3072, blow open the vent cover, and enter the hallway. While avoiding the fires, look for a breakable floor. Destroy the panel, followed by a second panel to find Lou.

Melanie Gibson:
In 199X, enter the pit at the base of the large tower in the far right of the area, and kill the creatures before Melanie is lowered into them.

In 673, reach the area where the path under large spiked gates splits into an underground cavern, then quickly go down and kill the executioner before he kills Merlin.

Collect ALL the Shards.

Squirty Harry:
Collect 50% of the Glorbs.

Collect 50% of the Glorbs.

The Looker:
Complete ALL Looker Time Trial challenges.

In 1,000,000 BC, you will encounter Zack tagging dino eggs before reaching the Boss. Defeat the killer dinosaurs to save Zack.

Unlock Super Hardcore Mode:
When you complete the game a 'Super Hardcore' option will appear at the 'Main' menu. In this mode you will have access to any characters unlocked in Normal mode. However, each member will die and remain dead until you have 'saved' them again through their original unlocking process.

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