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NIER [Xbox 360] - XBOX360

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NIER [Xbox 360] - XBOX360
Nom du fichier : NIER [Xbox 360] - Auteur : ANO - [XBOX360]

Easy Money
First you will need to have your harvest area in front of Yonah's house available. To do that you will have to complete a quest from the first shop area, it's the woman in the blue dress sitting on a bench under a tree on the right hand side. You won't be able to do do the quest right away, I think its a couple hours into the game. After you complete the first quest from her, you should immediately do the second one to unlock the rest of your harvest area.
Once you have your harvest area available, go to the second village (south of the beginning shop and along the path, you should know where it is by now) to buy 15x rice plant seedlings, then buy 15x bounty fertilizer from the item shopkeeper.

Go back to Yonah's house and use the bounty fertilizer on all 15 harvest spots, then plant a rice seedling on every spot, then water every spot. After you've done that, save the game. Quit the game and go back to PS3 main menu, go into your clock and time settings, change your (ps3) date by 1 day, then load the game. All your stuff should be grown, you usually make around 90,000-100,000 every time you do this.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Combo Fanatic (15 points)
Combo Fanatic (15 points): Pull off a 50-hit combo.
Combo Master (30 points): Pull off a 100-hit combo.
The Magic Man (15 points): Learn every type of magic.
Wordsmith (10 points): Collect 50 percent of all words.
Weapons Collector (30 points): Find every weapon.
Village Handyman (10 points): Complete 10 quests.
Jack of All Trades (10 points): Complete 20 quests.
Go-To Guy (10 points): Complete 30 quests.
Man of Means (10 points): Accumulate 1,000,000 pieces of gold.
Educated Warrior (10 points): Read the final novel segment.
King of the Lost Shrine (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within two and a half minutes.
A True Friend (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within one minute.
Boss of the Junk Heap (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within four and a half minutes.
Scourge of The Aerie (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within eight and a half minutes.
Protector of Facade (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.
Permission Granted (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within two and a half minutes.
A Dirge for the Hero (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within two minutes.
Soul Crusher (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.
Book Burner (10 points): Defeat a certain boss within one and a half minutes.
The Once and Final King (20 points): Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.
The Strongest Bond (30 points): Defeat a certain boss within three and a half minutes.
Additionally there are twenty secret achievements
The Book of Legend (20 points): Grimoire Weiss joined your party.
The Wild Companion (20 points): Kain joined your party.
The Mellow Companion (10 points): Emil joined your party.
Release (20 points): You freed Kain from her petrification.
Key Collector (20 points): You unlocked the key to the Shadowlord's castle.
A World in Flux (10 points): You defeated the Shadowlord.
Call Her Back (100 points): You viewed the first ending (Ending A).
Lingering Memories (100 points): You viewed the second ending (Ending B).
Thank You (100 points): You viewed the third ending (Ending C).
Something Very Special (200 points): You viewed the fourth ending (Ending D).
Legendary Gardener (10 points): You successfully cultivated the legendary flower.
Fish of Legend (10 points): You caught a rhizodont.
A Round by the Pond (10 points): You caught one of every type of fish.
Material Hunter (10 points): You collected 50 types of raw materials.
Upgrade Apprentice (10 points): You upgraded 5 weapons to their maximum level.
Reform Specialist (10 points): You upgraded 15 weapons to their maximum level.
Forging Master (20 points): You upgraded 30 weapons to their maximum level.
All Aboared! (10 points): You rode a boar for at least five minutes.
The Sheep Whisperer (10 points): You killed 100 sheep.
Lightspeed Fighter (10 points): You completed the game within fifteen hours.

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