The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword - Wii

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The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword - Wii
Nom du fichier : The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword - Wii - Auteur : ANO - [WII]

Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round Rewards
In the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round you fight a series of 12 battles. Quit after winning the number of battles listed to earn that prize.

100 Rupees Win 3 battles
2,000 Rupees Win 9 battles
20 Rupees Win 1 battle
3 Rare Treasures Win 10 battles
3,000 Rupees Win 11 battles
300 Rupees Win 5 battles
500 Rupees Win 7 battles
9,900 Rupees Win 12 battles
Hylian Shield (If your bag or storage is full it will go to Item Check) Win 8 battles
Piece of Heart (Afterwards it's 200 Rupees) Win 4 battles
Rare Treasure (Random) Win 6 battles
Small Treasure (Random) Win 2 battles

Potion Upgrades
To create better Potions, you'll need to catch Bugs with the Bug Net or Big Bug Net found throughout the Overworld and bring them to the Potion Lady's husband in the Skyloft Bazaar. You'll need both a potion you bought from the Potion Lady and the right number bugs in order to receive upgraded potions.

Air Potion+ (Upgraded from Air Potion) -- 20 Rupees 2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Lanayru Ants
Guardian Potion+ (Upgraded from Guardian Potion) -- 40 Rupees 1 Faron Grasshopper, 2 Eldin Rollers, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 3 Starry Fireflies
Heart Potion+ (Upgraded from Heart Potion) -- 20 Rupees 1 Woodland Rhino Beetle, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Volcanic Ladybug
Heart Potion++ (Upgraded from Heart Potion+) -- 30 Rupees 3 Deku Hornets, 3 Blessed Butterflies, 1 Sand Cicada, 1 Eldin Roller
Revitalizing Potion+ (Upgraded from Revitalizing Potion) -- 20 Rupees 3 Deku Hornets, 2 Skyloft Mantises, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles
Revitalizing Potion++ (Upgraded from Revitalizing Potion+) -- 30 Rupees 3 Lanayru Ants, 2 Woodland Rhino Beetles, 1 Gerudo Dragonfly, 1 Sand Cicada
Stamina Potion+ (Upgraded from Stamina Potion) -- 20 Rupees 3 Volcanic Ladybugs, 2 Sky Stag Beetles, 2 Gerudo Dragonflies, 1 Faron Grasshopper

Gratitude Crystal Rewards
Gratitude Crystals are gained through Gratitude Requests made by the townspeople. There are also a few of them located in the sky. After finding some of them, bring them to Batreaux and he will reward you for certain amounts.
2 Gold Rupees Find 70 Gratitude Crystals
Big Wallet and Cursed Medal (Holds 1,000 Rupees) Find 30 Gratitude Crystals
Giant Wallet (Holds 5,000 Rupees) Find 50 Gratitude Crystals
Gold Rupee Find 40 Gratitude Crystals
Piece of Heart Find 10 Gratitude Crystals
The Medium Wallet (Holds 500 Rupees) Find 5 Gratitude Crystals
Tycoon Wallet (Holds 9,000 Rupees) Find 80 Gratitude Crystals.

Secret - Distract final boss
Just like Ganondorf in Twilight Princess, you can distract the final boss by taking out either your bug net or larger bug net (if you have it) and wave it around. He will follow the net.

Demise's link to Gannondorf
If you know your Zelda, you know that Demise has a mark that of which Gannon/ Gannondorf has from Twilight Princess. This allows theories to take place between the two evil kings. Demise looks greatly like a gerudo also, which means he could be one. The proof to that point: There is only one male Gerudo every hundred years, and after Demise died, Gannondorf rose up and took his place. That could be why Gannon knows that if he happens to take, even a third of the Tri Force, he will be very powerful.

Easter Egg - The Beetle
If you have the item called "The Beetle", then go to Skyloft, pull out your Beetle, shoot it, and crash into people. You'll see a funny look on their faces. This was not first discovered by me, but really, it's hilarious. You can even do this to Pipit who's patrolling at night.

Favore's Pearl
In the Faron Woods, there is a stone dias and a stone door that bear the emblem of Favore's Pearl from the Wind Waker.

Secret - Defeating the Final Boss... in the easy way
You must have experienced Shield Bash and Jumping Back Flips. Because this is how I've done it to the Demise.

Phase 1 - You and the Demise are going to sword fight. So, all you need to do is slash a few times and wait for the Demise to slash at you twice. If he is, then use Shield Bash twice without resting. Once he drops his guard, slash away! Repeat this until you reach to the second phase.

Phase 2 - Now this part of the fight is very tricky. You don't want to use Shield Bash here or you will miss your chance of doing a Lightning Skyward Strike. So, you will execute the Skyward Strike by holding your Wii Remote pointing upwards. But the Demise will chase you and will strike you almost immediately. So you will want to perform a Jumping Back Flip when he is about to strike you. If you done this without being harmed, now is your chance to use the Lightning Skyward Strike at the Demise and slash away! However, even if the Demise is down, he's not weak enough. So you need to knock him down about three times and then perform a Fatal Blow.

The last boss is dumb
When you are at the last boss get out your fishing rod and wiggle it behind him and he will not try to kill you he will just stare at it dumbly.
How to get inside da temple

You should have a slingshot... make sure you have amunition. now go up to the door and look up. There should be like a purple chandiler looking thing. shoot that w/ ur slingshot. If u still dont get it theres a stone on the rite side of the temple near a plant dude. read that.
How 2 get past the eye door

Your in da temple and you encounter a giant eye dat you cant attack or shoot it. So, get on da platform and do a spin attack(swing the remote and nunchuck sideways))) so keep doing that for like nine times and it should get dizzy. You may run out of energy but just keep going.Ok one more thing there r pics of eyes on the walls... aim your slingshot and shoot them. they should drop rubys. hope this helps!!!

Easy Blue Birds; Easy Blue Feathers
There are some of you who have troubles with catching these blue birds in the Faron Region. Well, they can be found just about anywhere (which includes the last room of the first dungeon, but not the other dungeon in the Faron Region). First of all, you are being required the Big Bug Net. If you don't have it or the Bug Net itself, then you will never able to harvest as many Blue Feathers.
Now then, if you see a group of 3-5 birds (which these numbers do not always have the blue bird), then all you have to do is give them a distance, take your bug net out, and walk VERY slowly towards them. Make sure your net is facing where you are able to catch the birds. If you think you are close enough and ready to catch, swing the remote and you may catch at least 1 or 2 of these birds. Remember, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of steadiness.
If you did this right, then you can farm more of these Blue Feathers and you don't have to worry about looking for treasure chests for Blue Feathers. I hope this helps for those who enjoy this game.

An easier way to beat the Imprisoned
The first time you face The Imprisoned may seem frightening to you, but really, there's nothing to be afraid of. Anyways, the easier method is to go to the hole where it shoots out strong gust of wind. Once you are just about a platform higher than The Imprisoned, jump on over to his head and press the B button to safely land on its head. You will now have the advantage and vertically slash the stone on its head. You can do it about 2-3 times in the first round.

This method does work for round 2 and 3, but on the third round, you won't able to use the method I explained, so you will have to use Groose's Groosenator and launch yourself towards The Imprisoned's head.
That's all there is to it. Don't worry if The Imprisoned is about to go near the temple on round 3. You will be given some amount of time before it gets near it, so be sure to dash on over to Groose before... you know what happens next.

Best Treasure Farming Spots
Amber Relic - Found almost anywhere. They are found very common in the Faron Region. You only need 20 of these for all the upgrades. (Eh... meh. Who cares about this thing.)

Ancient Flower - They can only be found in the Lanayru Region. They can only be collected if you trigger the Timeshift Stones. You only need 8 of these for all the upgrades. This includes fixing Scrapper that Lanayru Robot, which only 1 is required. (Pretty flower.)
Bird Feather - The birds can be found only in the Faron Region and you are required using the Bug Net (or the Big Bug Net). You will need to walk carefully towards them and snatch them if you are close enough. The Big Bug Net is highly recommended since it is in fact larger and easy to catch both bugs and birds. You only need 5 of these for all the upgrades. (Boring feathers.)
Blue Bird Feather - Same as the Bird Feather in the Faron Region, but the only thing is that the blue birds are quite rare. If you happen to see one, don't just run after them. Do the same method for the Bird Feather and you'll harvest some Blue Bird Feathers. You only need 5 of these for all the upgrades. (Blue as the sky!)
Dusk Relic - Like Amber Relic, but are in different color. These things can be found almost only in the Silent Realms. So be sure to take a peek at every corner while you are in the Silent Realm. Be sure to pick up many of them as possible. You only need 13 of these for all the upgrades. (Ooh... mysteriously pretty.)
Edit: If you are in the Silent Realm, the best way to harvest as many of them as possible is to get hit by the Guardians and start all over again. You will notice that the Dusk Relics you found will re-appear in the same location. This will reduce your time of harvesting, but you will still need to complete the trail in the Silent Realm. But either way, it's all about patience.
Eldin Ore - Found in the Eldin Region mostly. They are commonly found by digging those digging spots and treasure chests in dungeons. You only need 6 of these for all the upgrades. (These rocks or metals are boring.)
Evil Crystal - These things are hard to come by, but they can be harvested from Cursed Bokoblins in the fourth dungeon. But as long you have the Treasure Medal, it makes harvesting a lot easier. You only need 3 of these for all the upgrades. (They... don't look like crystals to me.)
Edit: If you recall the time where those Cursed Bokoblins were about to get you on the lone rope and there's an escape route above, then that should probably be the best place to harvest those Evil Crystals. They won't die unless you do the Fatal Blow. You can also use your Sacred Shield (or higher) to repel the Cursed Bokoblins.

Goddess Plume - The rarest treasures in the entire game. They can be acquired from treasure chests in the overworld and in dungeons. But really, you don't necessarily need to collect many of them. You only need 3 of them for all the upgrades. (Shiny crystal! :O )
Golden Skull - These things are a rarer version of the Ornamental Skulls. They can be dropped from the Bokoblins, but requires the Treasure Medal for easier harvesting. You only need 4 of them for all the upgrades. (Ooh! Shiny!)
Hornet Larvae - They can only be found in the Faron Region and only from the Hornet's Nests. Just use your Slingshot at the nest and you can pick up the Hornet Larvae. Be careful of those Hornets that may grow furious on you. You only needed 2 of them for all the upgrades. (Seriously? Eww...)
Jelly Blob - These things are really easy to come by. You only needed to defeat any of the Chu Chus for them. You only need 8 of them for all the upgrades. (I like to poke them.)
Edit: In the Sand Ship, which is the 5th dungeon of the game, if you leave the ship into the present (not hitting the Timeshift Stone), then you should see a lot of Arachas in a certain hallway. Apparently there baby scorpions can also drop Jelly Blobs as well.
Lizard Tail - These things are annoying to harvest, but they can be acquired from beating Lizalfos and Dark Lizalfos. These enemies are easy to come by in the second dungeon of the game. You only need 8 of them for all the upgrades. (I like to use them as a Flail. :U )
Edit: Since they are dungeon-only enemies, you will need to go to the second or sixth dungeon in order to find these Lizalfos. Although, it's recommended if you take on the weaker ones, since the Dark Lizalfos not only deal a lot of damage, but will also lay a "curse" on you where you cannot use your items or sword for a short amount of time.

Monster Claw - These things are as common as the Jelly Blobs. They can be acquired from beating several Keeses in caves. Which the cave can be found in Skyloft. Really easy to harvest, as well as for the Jelly Blobs. You only need 18 of them for all the upgrades. (Looks kind of boring...)
Monster Horn - Not the sharp-looking horns, but the ones you use to call or summon. Anyways, these things are really easy to harvest. If you have the Whip from the Forth Dungeon in the game, then all you need to do is steal the Monster Horn with the Whip. Not only you get to keep the horn, but it also ceases the Bokoblin Captains from summoning even more Bokoblins. You only need 8 of them for all the upgrades. (Now it's my turn to call in MY army!
Ornamental Skull - These things are really easy to come by. Just defeat as many Bokoblins as soon as you see multiple of them. But there is a good chance of acquiring a Golden Skull while harvesting the Ornamental Skulls. You only need 12 of them for all the upgrades. (Boring looking thing...)
Tumbleweed - These things are really, and I mean, REALLY easy to come by. And they are also fun to acquire. They can only be found in the Lanayru Region and found strolling in the open-wide desert. All you need is the Bug Net (or the Big Bug Net) so you can catch as many Tumbleweeds as you want. You only need 13 of them for all the upgrades. (Um... I have no idea why I picked these up anyways.)

Easter Egg - Tingle plush toy
If you use the hookshot on the chimney on the roof of the academy in Skyloft, you will find a hidden passage into Zelda's bedroom. On her desk is a small Tingle plush toy.

Hero Mode
Completing the game will let you begin a new game in Hero Mode, by over-writing your completed game save. In Hero Mode, hearts will deplete twice as fast, and hearts and heart flowers will not appear unless you are carrying a heart medal. Additionally, you will begin the game with a fully powered up Skyward Strike attack, and will keep all of your collected insects and treasures from before. The Sheikah Stone will allow you full access to all of the hints since you will have already completed the game once. Finally, the boss rush challenge will also include the final boss as a foe.

Unlock Hylian Shield
In Hero Mode, beat 8 bosses in a row in the boss challenge at Lanayru Gorge. After the 7th boss, the thunder dragon will inform you that after your next win if you quit you will be awarded with an "absurdly sturdy shield".
Unlockable How to Unlock
Hylian Shield Beat 8 bosses in a row in boss challenge

Goddess Walls
When you play your harp around a group of butterflies in specific areas of the game, a Goddess Wall sometimes appears nearby. Hold your sword up to the light, then draw various symbols on the wall in order to obtain the related item. For a group of recovery hearts, draw a heart. For a bunch of rupees, draw a rupee. Drawing an arrow grants you arrows. Painting a circle gives you bombs. And if you can manage to draw the Triforce, you'll get some fairies.

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