Plants vs. Zombies - Vita

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Plants vs. Zombies - Vita
Nom du fichier : Plants vs. Zombies - Vita - Auteur : ANO - [VITA]

Cheat Mode
Enter the following codes at the title screen once unlocked to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Some codes will not work until your Tree of Wisdom is at a certain height.

Effect Code
Alternate Lawn Mower appearance trickedout
Candy rains when zombies die pinata
Daisies appear when zombies die daisies
Toggles zombie call for brains sound sukhbir
Zombies dance dance
Zombies have mustaches mustache
Zombies wear sunglasses future

"Dr. Zomboss": Easy completion
When Dr. Zomboss comes down to throw an ice ball or fire ball, you can use Freeze Shrooms to freeze him. This allows your various pults time to get some damage on Dr. Zomboss himself. Jalapenos will also cause damage to him when he is down to toss a fire or ice ball. The more damage you can do to Dr. Zomboss, the faster and easier it is to end this level. Save at least one Freeze Shroom and one Jalapeno for whatever he tosses.

"Last Stand": Easy completion
You must have at least eight slots of seed before starting. Choose the following plants: Repeaters, Gatling Peas, Tall Nuts, Tangle Kelps, Lily Pads, Torchwoods, Coffee Beans, and Magnet-Shrooms, After you pick them up, set up the following layout. Put two Repeaters from the back columns on every row (except the pool). Put only one Repeater on the back columns on every pool row (use Lily Pads first). Change the Repeaters on the pool to become Gatling Peas Put Torchwoods in front of the Repeaters and Gatling Peas (on the pool use Lily Pads first). Then, give the space a column and plant the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn only. Wake them up with Coffee Beans. In front of the Magnet-Shrooms on the lawn, plant the Tall Nuts. Note: Plant the Tangle Kelps on the last time. The layout should appear as follows.

R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N
R R T <> M N

R = Repeaters
G = Gatling Peas
T = Torchwoods
K = Tangle Kelps
M = Magnet-Shrooms that have been awakened
N = Tall-Nuts

Select the following plants (at least eight slots required): Marigold, Pumpkin, Lilypad, Wall-Nut, Magnet-Shroom, Gold Magnet, Doom-Shroom, Coffee Bean. Fill the rest of the slots with plants of your choice. Use the following layout. Note: Put Pumpkins on the first three Marigolds starting from the Wall-Nut, except the Marigold on the pool. Do not put any Pumpkins on the pool. Then, start the onslaught. If you have sufficient sun power, put a Doom-Shroom in to replace with thing in the two Gold Magnets, then awaken the Doom-Shroom with a Coffee Bean.


M = Marigold
P = Pumpkin
L = Lily Pad
W = Wall-Nut
A = Magnet-Shroom
G = Gold Magnet
D = Doom-Shroom
C = Coffee Bean

Use the following formation. Note: Upgrade Repeaters to Gatling Peas when you have enough sun.


MP = Melon-Pult
R = Repeater
MS = Magnet-Shroom
T = Tall-Nut

Creating a fort
Use the following plant formation with the following items.

0: Sunflowers or upgraded flowers
1: A shooter plant
2: Repeater/upgraded
3: Three shooter plant (three lanes)
4: Fire Plant (fire tree that turns bullets to fire balls that pass through it)
5: Cattail
6: Squash (or Wallnut/Tallnut)
7: Small mushrooms
8: Chomper
9: Scardey Shroom
X: Free space

In the morning:

0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8
0 1 2 3 4 6 8

At night:

0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6
0 2 3 4 9 X 7 7 7 6

Defeating the final Boss
The final Boss will launch massive fire balls and ice balls at your plants. They will crush everything in their path except for zombies (basically, all plants in that row). To destroy the ice ball, use a Chili Pepper in that row. To destroy the fire ball, use an Ice Shroom, but also with a Coffee Bean or else it will fall asleep.

Easy money
Get the Zen Garden. Water the plants until they do not need anything else. Advance the system date ahead. The plants will need water again. Buy new plants, grow them to full size, then sell them. Repeat this to earn more money. You can also use this technique when you have to get Marigolds in Crazy Dave's shop when they are out of stock.

Set up your defenses around the slot machine. Try for one row of walnuts on the right side, one or two rows of sunflowers on the left, and fill everything else with pea and snow pea shooters. Protect the lawn mowers. Each is worth a Gold Coin at the end of the game; do not let them mow the zombies. Stop collecting sun at about 1,900 sun points. At this point, the garden should be full; getting the extra 100 points to win should be easy. Just collect enough sun to offset the slot machine. Keep the slot machine spinning. It will randomly drop one or three gems as long your patience lasts. If the zombies get close to the mowers, end the game. Just collect the sun lying on the field to end the game.

Use the following trick to make Walnut Bowling more profitable. Protect the lawnmowers. Each mower is worth one gold coin ($250). Line up shots off the front runner. After the first zombie is hit, each additional zombie strike generates coins. Create a front runner where none already exists.Pole vaulting zombies will run fast until they vault over a nut, and the newspaper zombie runs fast after getting the paper destroyed by a nut. Let them run a short distance down the lawn before sending a nut their way. You do not need to use nuts. When there are a few zombies ambling down the lawn without a clear ricochet shot, wait some time to see if more of them will step out to play. They can always be killed once they cross the red line. Remember how many nuts it takes to kill a zombie. This is important when they cross the red line. Use one nut for regular zombies, three for bucket wearing zombies, and two for the others. Keep the exploding nuts in reserve. Try not to use them unless a mob crosses the line or there are not enough nuts or room to clear out a difficult to kill zombie. Use the regular walnuts for the zombies that have not reached the red line. Do not use exploding nuts to kill pole vaulting zombies directly. Pole vaulting zombies only jump obstacles in their own lane. A pole vaulting zombie who has not vaulted yet will safely jump over explosions or nuts in their own lane. Find a neighbor in the next lane and time the nut to hit when the pole vaulting zombie gets close to the neighbor.

Getting light in fog
When you are in fog and need light (and you do not have a lantern), use the torch wood if you have the sun. It shows you the space in front of it.

Gold trophy
Get all the trophies in Mini-Games, Puzzle, and Survival modes.

Hidden achievement list objects
The achievements are displayed as an underground list. Scroll through the list and keep going down to see various hidden objects including a zombie, the bookworm from Bookworm, jewels from Bejeweled, a unicorn fossil, and finally Chinese zombies staring back down the hole.

Increase plant growth
Disable full screen mode. Go to your zen garden. After feeding the plants, it will normally take thirty minutes to feed them again. To feed them all, change the system time to an earlier value. This will increase their growth.

Infinite Tree Food
Go to your Tree of Wisdom and use up all your tree food. It will show that you have 0 now, but go to the icon and drag the bag and you may have an extra. Go back to your Zen garden and then right back to your Tree of Wisdom, Crazy Dave will now give you another 5 bags. In order to repeat this use up all 5 bags then drag an extra time for a sixth bag. Repeat the process.

Kill Bungees
To kill Bungees, use Chompers, Squash, Ice Shroom, Jalapeno, or an Umbrella Plant.

New seed selection
If you do not like the cards from Crazy Dave, exit the game and restart. The cards will change randomly.

Pole Vaulters
When there are Pole Vaulters, pick a Walnut and a Chomper and make sure you can dig up plants and have lots of sun.. Put down a Walnut and a Chomper behind it. The Pole Vaulter will go over the Walnut and straight into the Chomper. Then, dig up the Chomper and he is gone.

Silver trophy
Complete Adventure mode.

Suburban Almanac: Finding the imitator
Look at the top left of the almanac and click there. You will now see the imitator.

Various Trophies
Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock
20 Below Zero (Bronze) Immobilize 20 full-sized zombies with a single Ice-shroom.
Alive and Planting (Silver) Survive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity
Beyond the Grave (Gold) Beat all 20 mini games
Blind Faith (Bronze) Complete an extremely foggy level with using Planterns or Blovers.
Chili Free (Silver) Complete Column Like You See'em without using Jalapenos
Chill Out (Bronze) Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, you've one level to destroy 3 bobsleds, its Jalapeno time!
Close Shave (Bronze) Survive the zombie onslaught after all lawnmowers have been used
Crash of the Titan (Bronze) Defeat your first Gargantaur
Defcorn 5 (Bronze) Build 5 Cob Cannons in a single level.
Diamond Beghouler (Bronze) Upgrade all your plants in Beghouled
Don't Pea in the Pool (Bronze) Complete a daytime pool level without using Pea-shooters
Enlightened (Bronze) Collect all Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden plants
Explodonator (Bronze) Blast 10 zombies at once with a Cherry Bomb!
Flower Power (Bronze) Keep 10 Twin Sunflowers alive in a single level.
Good Morning (Bronze) Complete a daytime level by planting only Mushrooms and Coffee Beans.
Greenfingers (Bronze) Grow 10 Zen Garden plants to full size
Grounded (Silver) Defeat a normal roof level without using any Catapult plants.
Home Lawn Security (Silver) Complete Adventure Mode
Last Mown Standing (Bronze) Defeat the last zombie in a level with a lawn mower.
Lawn Mower Man (Bronze) Kill 10 zombies with a single lawn mower.
Lucky Spin (Silver) Get 3 diamonds in Slot Machine
Master of Morticulture (Silver) Collect all 49 plants in the game
Melon-y Lane (Bronze) Plant a Winter Melon on every lane.
Monster Mash (Bronze) Crush 5 zombies with a single Squash.
No Fungus Among Us (Silver) Complete a nighttime level without planting any Mushrooms.
Nom Nom Nom (Bronze) Stop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Chomper on any level
Penny Pincher (Bronze) Pick up 30 coins in a row on a single level without letting any disappear.
Pool's Closed (Silver) Complete a pool level without using water plants.
Popcorn Party (Bronze) Defeat 2 Gargantuars with Corn Cob missiles in a single level.
Pyromaniac (Bronze) Complete a level using only explosive plants to kill zombies.
Roll Some Heads (Silver) Bowl over 5 zombies with a single Wall-nut.
Second Life (Gold) Complete Adventure mode a second time.
Shooting Star (Silver) Complete Seeing Stars before the first Flag Zombie appears
Shopaholic (Silver) Go trunk driving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies
Smarty Branches (Bronze) Grow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet
Soil Your Plants (Bronze) Plant your first 10 peashooters
Sol Invictus (Bronze) Complete Last Stand with 2,000 sun remaining
Sproing! Sproing! (Bronze) Complete Pogo Party without using Tall-Nuts or Magnet-shrooms.
SPUDOW! (Bronze) Blow up a zombie using a Potato Mine.
Sunny Days (Bronze) Accumulate 8,000 sun during a single level.
The Complete Zombie (Platinum) Youve won every trophy, climbed every mountain, defeated every zombie, planted every plant. Congratulations!
Wall-Not Attack (Bronze) Complete ZomBotany without using Wall-nuts, Tall-nuts or Pumpkins.
Zombologist (Silver) Discover the Yeti zombie.

Zombie mini-games: Earning sun
The only way to earn sun in the zombie mini-games is to kill sunflowers. First, put a good zombie for the situation in the lane you want it to go in. Make sure that there are sunflowers planted in that lane. Collect the sun when the zombie eats the flower, then buy more items and eat the brains.

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