Fruit Ninja - Vita

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Fruit Ninja - Vita
Nom du fichier : Fruit Ninja - Vita - Auteur : ANO - [VITA]

Blade bonuses

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Bamboo Shoot: Play a full game of Zen mode every day for five days in a row.
Butterfly Knife: Get a combo with a strawberry 40 times.
Flame Blade: Slice a combo after the timer ends in Zen mode.
Ice Blade: Slice 20 freeze bananas in Arcade mode.
Mr. Sparkle: Slice 3 pineapples in a row in Classic mode.
Party Time: Slice every strawberry and nothing else in Arcade mode.
Piano Blade: Slice 100 criticals.
Pixel Love: Get 50 combos in Classic mode.
The Shadow: Get a score of exactly 234 in Arcade mode.

Fruit Ninja background
Score 125 points without dropping a fruit in Classic mode.

Various Challenges

Challenge How to unlock

Almost a Century Get a score of 99.
Fruit Blitz Kill 500 Fruit Total.
Fruit Fight Kill 150 Fruit Total.
Fruit Frenzy Kill 1000 Fruit Total.
Fruit Ninja Get a Score of 50 in Classic Mode.
Fruit Rampage Kill 5000 Fruit Total.
Go Banana Kill 10 Bananas in one round of Classic Mode.
Great Fruit Ninja Get a Score of 100 in Classic Mode.
It's all Pear Shaped! Kill 3 Pears in a row in Classic Mode.
Lovely Bunch Get the Lovely Bunch star in Zen Mode.
Mango Magic Get a critical hit with a Mango.
Night Shift Complete 3 games between the hours of 2AM and 5AM.
No Doctors Here Kill 15 Apples in one round of Classic Mode.
Perfectionist You are relentless in your pursuit of Perfection!
Purple is a Fruit Kill 20 Plums in one round of Classic Mode.
Ultimate Fruit Ninja Get a Score of 200 in Classic Mode.
Wake Up Get a score of 0.

Various Trophies
Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock
Are you Kidding ?! (Bronze) Fail with the same score as your personal best.
Bomb Magnet (Bronze) Hit three bombs and score over 250 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Collector (Gold) Unlock all Blades and Backgrounds.
Combo Mambo (Silver) Slice 6 fruit in a combo.
Deja Vu (Bronze) Kill 4 of the same type of fruit in a row in classic mode.
Friend or Foe (Silver) Invite a Friend and Defeat them in an Online match.
Fruit Annihilation (Silver) Kill 10000 Fruit Total.
Lucky Ninja (Bronze) Get 6 criticals in one round of classic mode.
Moment of Zen (Bronze) Achieve a score of 200 in Zen Mode.
Over Achiever (Bronze) Get a score over 400 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Tee Hee Hee (Bronze) Get a score of 69.
Under Achiever (Bronze) Get a score less than 20 after all bonuses in arcade mode.
Year of the Dragon (Bronze) Slice the secret fruit!

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