No Heroes Allowed : No Puzzles Either! - Vita

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No Heroes Allowed : No Puzzles Either! - Vita
Nom du fichier : No Heroes Allowed : No Puzzles Either! - Vita - Auteur : ANO - [VITA]

The Cool Army Code
Upon completing the game on normal mode after the credits you will be informed that you can press LRLRLRLRLR on the title menu to access something secret. This is easy an easy to miss prompt. The code gives you access to the Dark World and unlocks The Cool Army Code trophy. Inputting this code before completing normal mode will give you the trophy but not give you access to the Dark World. You'll know the code has been input correctly after beating the main campaign if the sky turns dark. The Dark World is the exact same game stages but with vastly increased difficulty and 100% capture rate of heroes.

Various Trophies

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock

All Fours (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 4-8
Combo: First Blood (Bronze) Create your first combo.
Complete Completion (secret) (Silver) Complete Secret Stage 8-8
Easy Threesy (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 3-8
High Five! (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 5-8
It's Alive! (Bronze) Create your first monster.
Know Your Enemy (Silver) Complete the Heropedia.
Numberer of the Beasts (Silver) Complete the Monsterpedia.
Onederbar! (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 1-8
Seventh Heaven (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 7-8
Six of the Best (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 6-8
Something I Eight (secret) (Silver) Complete Stage 8-8
The Cool Army Code (secret) (Bronze) Input the secret command.
Two Much Too Young (secret) (Bronze) Complete Stage 2-8.
Villainy Loves Company (Bronze) Complete a stage collaboratively.

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