MLB 2002 FAQ v0.1

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MLB 2002 FAQ v0.1

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Nom du fichier : MLB 2002 FAQ v0.1 - Auteur : TKO - [PSX]

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Date: 6/27/2001
Version: 0.1
By: Tkohl15


-Table of Contents-

1. Game Modes
2. Create Player
3. Team Trade Values
4. The 99's Team
5. Knuckleballers
6. Credits


1. Game Modes

Exhibition: Regular baseball game.
All Star Game: Best players from National and American leagues match up.
Season: Series of Exhibition games.
Playoffs: Skipping the Season, and cutting right to what counts.
Spring Training: Creating a rookie to prepare for the Season.
Home Run Derby: A contest to see who can hit the most home runs.


2. Create Player

First Name: Enter player's first name.
Last Name: Enter player's last name.

Jersey:              0 - 99
Skin Color:          Light, Medium, Dark
Face:                Bare, Mustache, Goatee
Height:              5'0" - 7'11"
Weight:              100 - 300
Throw:               Lefty or Right......

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Trainers City

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███ ███ ███ █ ███ █ █ ███ █     █ ███ █     ████    █ ███ █████ ███

File download at Trainers City - The Bible Trainers -
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This trainer doesn't work with your game ? Read the FAQ or write to the author ! (In English) (En Français)
Try the forums of Trainers City in French and English

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Trainers City

Super player
Enter "Scott Murray" as a player name at the player creation screen. He can hit 606 foot homeruns.

Hint: Always hit the ball:
You can hit the ball almost every time when you have power and hold Down. You will get either an easy single, double, or very rarely a triple. Sometimes you will ground into a double play.

If the pitch outside, press R2 and press the D-pad to move your batter in to have a better chance of getting a base hit. Note: This must be done with a power swing.

Hint: Easy homeruns:
If the pitch is inside, press R2 and press the D-pad to move away from it. If the pitch is outside, press the D-pad to move closer to it. Try to move so the pitch is directly in the middle of your bat. Note: Power swing must be on.

Put your power swing on and when the ball comes, hold Up and swing. You should hit a homer, or fly out deep to the wall.

Hint: Easy strike outs:
While pitching in rookie mode, throw the ball in the lower outside corner of the strike zone. The batter will most likely swing and miss, or will not swing at all.

Glitch: Homerun not counted:
Every time you or the other team hits a two run homerun, the game will not register it as a hit.

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