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Nom du fichier : Freekstyle - Auteur : BOB - [PSX]

Master code:
Enter LOKSMITH as a code.

All characters:
Enter POPULATE as a code.

All costumes:
Enter YARDSALE as a code.

All tracks:
Enter TRAKMEET as a code.

All bikes:
Enter WHEELS as a code.

No bike:
Enter FLYSOLO as a code.

Bike always has flames from back:
Enter FIRESALE as a code.

Slow motion effect:
Enter WTCHKPRS as a code.

Low gravity:
Enter FTAIL as a code.

Freekout Time always active:
Enter ALLFREEK as a code.

Clifford Adoptante:
Defeat Clifford Adoptante in a race to unlock him as a playable character.

Greg Albertyn:
Defeat Greg Albertyn in a race to unlock him as a playable character.

Jessica Patterson:
Defeat Jessica Patterson in a race to unlock her as a playable character.

Mike Jones:
Defeat Mike Jones in a race to unlock him as a playable character.

Secret Passwords
Enter any of the following codes at the ''ENTER CODES'' screen. (Found in the Options menu.)

flysolo - No Bike Mode
cooldude - Unlock Clifford Adoptante
toughguy - Unlock Mike Jones
blondie - Unlock Jessica Patterson
gimegreg - Unlock Greg Albertyn
populate - Unlock All Characters
carverok - Unlock Burn It Up Track
clippers - Unlock Gnome Sweet Gnome Track
blackjak - Unlock Let It Ride Track
todamoon - Unlock Rocket Garden Track
wideopen - Unlock Crash Pad FreeStyle Track
tuckelle - Unlock The Burbs FreeStyle Track
trakmeet - Unlock All Tracks
eyedrops - Unlock Bloodshot Bike (Mike Metzger)
brrrrrap - Unlock Rock Of Ages Bike (Mike Metzger)
seventwo - Unlock Rhino Rage Bike (Mike Metzger)
whatever - Unlock Mulisha Man Bike (Brian Deegan)
hedbangr - Unlock Heavy Metal Bike (Brian Deegan)
whozaskn - Unlock Dominator Bike (Brian Deegan)
ovenmitt - Unlock Hot Stuff Bike (Leeann Tweeden)
stylin - Unlock Trendsetter Bike (Leeann Tweeden)
goodlook - Unlock Seducer Bike (Leeann Tweeden)
hereiam - Unlock Amore Bike (Stefy Bau)
sparkles - Unlock Disco Tech Bike (Stefy Bau)
twoneone - Unlock 211 Bike (Stefy Bau)
supdude - Unlock Gone Tiki Bike (Clifford Adoptante)
goflobro - Unlock Island Spirit Bike (Clifford Adoptante)
stoked - Unlock Hang Loose Bike (Clifford Adoptante)
kickbutt - Unlock Beater Bike (Mike Jones)
horns - Unlock Lil' Demon Bike (Mike Jones)
plunger - Unlock Flushed Bike (Mike Jones)
hekacool - Unlock Speedy Bike (Jessica Patterson)
lightnin - Unlock Charged Up Bike (Jessica Patterson)
tonboy - Unlock Racer Girl Bike (Jessica Patterson)
allshook - Unlock The King Bike (Greg Albertyn)
patriot - Unlock National Pride Bike (Greg Albertyn)
number1 - Unlock Champion Bike (Greg Albertyn)
wheels - Unlock All Bikes
helloooo - Unlock Ecko MX Outfit (Mike Metzger)
bodyart - Unlock All Tatted Up Outfit (Mike Metzger)
ripped - Unlock Muscle Bound Outfit (Brian Deegan)
soldier - Unlock Commander Outfit (Brian Deegan)
thnkpink - Unlock Fun Lovin' Outfit (Leeann Tweeden)
spicy - Unlock Red Hot Outfit (Leeann Tweeden)
kidsgame - Unlock Playing Jax Outfit (Stefy Bau)
invasion - Unlock UFO Racer Outfit (Stefy Bau)
wings - Unlock Tiki Outfit (Clifford Adoptante)
nosleeve - Unlock Tankin' It Outfit (Clifford Adoptante)
babyblue - Unlock Blue Collar Outfit (Mike Jones)
boxcars - Unlock High Roller Outfit (Mike Jones)
layers - Unlock Warming Up Outfit (Jessica Patterson)
not2grly - Unlock Hoodie Style Outfit (Jessica Patterson)
ilookgud - Unlock Sharp Dresser Outfit (Greg Albertyn)
comet - Unlock Star Rider Outfit (Greg Albertyn)
yardsale - Unlock All Outfits
loksmith - Unlock Everything
wtchkprs - Slow Motion / Blur Mode
allfreek - Always ''Freekout'' Time

Unlimited boost
For unlimited boost, at the codes screen enter "Freebie"

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