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Nom du fichier : CyberTiger - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Password screen:
Press Circle at the course selection screen.

Badlands course:
Enter HARESO as a password.

Canyons course:
Enter NAMOPI as a password.

Sawgrass course:
Enter SECARE as a password.

Summerlin course:
Enter PORASO as a password.

All courses:
Enter POQAKI as a password.

Cyber Tiger:
Win the four tournaments as Tiger and you will graduate into Cyber Tiger. When this is done, you will have to earn everything all over again (rubber face putter, forged wedges and irons, and the titanium driver). However, those bonuses now are unlocked for every third eagle.

Forged irons:
Shoot an eagle on any hole to unlock forged irons.

To unlock the entire set of forged clubs, get a hole in one on any hole.

Birdie bonuses:
Three consecutive birdies unlocks the following three bonuses (in order): Forged Irons, Titanium Driver, and the Rubber Face insert putter. Between each one of these, a set of three consecutive birdies goes to a special ball (power ball, eye ball, mystery ball, etc.).

Destroy the golf cart:
Select practice mode and choose the driving range. Hit the golf cart three times to destroy it.

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