Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back

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Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back
Nom du fichier : Crash Bandicoot 2 : Cortex Strikes Back - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Go to level 26 - a secret stage
To be able to go to level 26, ride the bear in level 15 until you get thrown off at the end of the level. Now, make a long jump in order to go back across the chasm and to go back to the bear in order to warp to the secret stage of level 26.

Cheat mode:
Note: A Dual Shock controller is required for this code. Enable the analog controls, then begin game play in any level. Press Select to pause game play. Enter the options in the pause menu. Select the "Calibrate" option and follow the directions. If done correctly, you should get the "Good!" message. Exit the level and fight Ripper Roo. Pause game play, then press Select(3). The game will freeze and exit the level. Enter the "Load Game" screen to find a file named "Crash W". Load that game. A "Cheat Menu" selection will appear in the options screen. You will start this game with 0 fruit, 999 boxes and 999 lives.

Return to Boss stages:
Position Crash on the center platform. Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and press Up when Crash points up or down. Note: Only Bosses previously encountered may be revisited.

Spyro: Year Of The Dragon demo:
Press R1 + L1 and the title screen. Press Start at the opening screen. Note: This is only appears in later versions of the game.

Bonus voodoo mask:
Hold Up + Circle after losing a life until Crash moves again. Alternatively, press X(2), then hold X + Up while in a warp tunnel. Release the buttons when Crash appears to receive a voodoo mask after the next life is lost.

Faster Crash Bandicoot:
Note: A dual-shock controller is required for this trick. Press L3 and R3 rapidly and Crash will become a little bit short and faster.


Bear Down
Locate the small ice floe at the end of the level.

Air Crash
Do not jetski at the second river. Instead, jump on the boxes to the platform. This will take you to the secret Port level (level 20).

When the cub bucks Crash off, return until you see him again.

Hangin' Out
When you drop down a hole into some eel-less water, move into the foreground and drop down the hole. Note: Press R1 to make Crash pull up his legs.

Diggin' It
Near the end of the level is a Spitter Plant on a circular platform. Bellyflop onto it.

Totally Bear secret level:
In the level Unbearable, after being thrown off by the small bear, jump back across the pit and walk a small way back toward the beginning of the level. After coming to the small bear, the game should take you to the Cortex warp room with a level opened called "Totally Bear".

After the bear hurls Crash off at the end, instead of going right down the road to the warp room, move in the opposite direction. Make the big jump and keep going. When you see the bear, go right next to him and it will transport Crash to level 26, "Totally Bear".

Roads to Ruin secret level:
In the Bee-Having level, body slam the plant on the area in the middle of the pit. After doing this, the game should transport you to the Cortex area. There should be a level opened called Roads to Ruin. The object of the Roads to Ruin level is to get the boxes that are not accessible in the regular level.

Hint: Un-Bearable: Bonus round:
When the first bear falls down the broken bridge on "Un-Bearable", fall down that pit to reach a secret bonus round.

Hint: Un-Bearable: 99 lives:
After the second bear chases you and falls down the bridge, fall down after him and you will reach a secret level. Work your way through it until you get to the checkpoint at the half way point. Under the checkpoint is a "!" box. Hit the box, then go right to find a jump box (box with an up arrow). Jump up to the ledge on the left, get the fruit and Aku-Aku mask, then jump over to the ledge slightly above you on the right. Use your super jump (hold Circle and press Jump) to hit a box which gives you a free life. When you super jump again you will see the bottom of a second box which also has a free life. Jump off the ledge to the right, and collect the fruit on your fall down. Then, fall off the cliff. You will resume at the checkpoint with one more life than you just had. Continue doing this until you get 99 lives. Make sure to get the fruit when you jump up and fall down. Since there are about 20 fruits, every five times you do this will result in 100 fruit, which also gives you another life.

Hint: Air Crash: Finding the boxes:
Go "Bear Down" (level 13) and get right to the end of the level. The bear throws will throw you off where there are little black icebergs in the water. Jump on these to get to the large white iceberg and get transported to another level where the rest of the boxes for "Air Crash" (level 7) are located.

Hint: Bear It: Easy lives:
Go to the Bear It level and find the bear sitting beside the level. Jump on the bear slowly. Keep jumping on him, and after about 20 to 30 seconds it will give you lives.

Hint: Bee-having: Easy lives:
Go to the Bee-having level. When a swarm of bees attacks, spin attack all of them and repeat. You will earn an extra life for every swarm you kill.

Hint: Bee-having: Extra apples:
Whenever you find plants that spit at you, such as the ones in the Bee-Having level, body slam them to kill them and get extra apples.

Hint: Bee-having: Purple gem:
When you get to the nitros that look like a set of steps, go on the top and you will be transported to get the purple gem.

Hint: Eel Deal: Gem:
On one of splits, go to the one that contains lots of nitro. Get to the back door and jump in. You may not see yourself at first. In the back is a gem.

Hint: Plant Food: Yellow gem:
Go to Plant Food and at the first river, beat the timer without losing a life through the entire level. At the end, go up to the platform to find a yellow gem.

Hint: Snow Go: Clear boxes at end:
Go to the last gray bouncy box in "Snow Go" (level 2) and keep jumping until you hit another box. When you hit another box you can go back and get the two boxes that were clear.

Hint: Snow Go: Red Gem:
Instead of warping from Level 7 (Air Crash) to level 2 (Snow Go), go through the normal entrance to Snow Go. Get to the place where there is a seal located below and to the left of the Red Gem. When the seal gets close to the cliff, quickly jump on its head and get as close to the Red Gem as possible. Then, immediately press Circle. If done correctly, Crash will grab the Red Gem. Note: This may take several attempts.

Hint: Turtle Woods: Hidden area:
Locate the mask-type object on the ground in level 1, Turtle Woods. Press X, Circle to do a belly flop to reach a hidden area in the level.

To get the Blue Gem in Turtle Woods, collect no boxes throughout the stage. To get the Red Gem in the second stage, bounce off the seal. Then, when you get below the gem, body slam to get the extra height needed to collect it.

Hint: Unbearable: Breaking fences:
Spin in the fences in the "Unbearable" level to break through instead of jumping over them. This will let Crash get away from the bear faster.

Hint: Skull and crossbones platforms:
Those platforms with the skull and crossbones on them seem to be there, but then they disappear. Their secret is to make it through the level to that point without out losing any lives. Once you die the platform will no longer be there.

Hint: Activating colored platforms:
To activate the colored platforms on various levels you must acquire the corresponding gems. For example, if you want to get the Blue platform in Space Out (level 25), get the blue gem in Turtle Woods by collecting no boxes.

Hint: Shortcut:
When jump in those pits and the moles surface, you can jump to the right onto the bridge before the vertical pillar. Then do a slide jump and jump to the other side of the pillar, then onto ground.

Hint: Bonus lives:
Jump on the baby polar bear's head in the second warp room (level 6-10) ten times to collect ten extra lives.

Hint: Clear gem:
Successfully complete every stage and get all boxes. At the end, instead of showing how many boxes you missed, will be a clear gem.

Hint: Avoid losing levels crystal:
If you receive a levels crystal but cannot make it to the end of the level and are losing a continue, go back to a different warp room. Hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle and go up. You should come to the Boss you fought after that warp room. It is best to go on an easy Boss and defeat him in one continue -- first Ripper Roo, second Komodo Bros., third: Tiny Tiger, fourth N. Gin, fifth Neo Cortex. After that, you will receive the levels crystal.

Hint: Get a crystal without completing a level:
Go through any level you get to the crystal. Collect the crystal, then keep dying until you get a game over. Choose to continue then complete any level on the same floor as the one you just died on. When you exit, you should have two crystals, one for the level just completed and the other for the one that you lost your lives on.

Glitch: Ice cube in snow:
On the Bear It level is a large missing spot of land with water. Just barely miss the land, and the polar bear will be on an ice cube that is sticking out of the snow.

Glitch: Water or snow:
Have Crash enter the Bear It level. When you see the statues on the ground or the "movers" moving bricks near water intentionally fall. Your legs will stick up out of the water as your head is "buried" just as it would with snow.

Glitch: Aku Aku limit:
If you get an Aku Aku mask while having the third one on, it will freeze for as long as the first Aku Aku mask's time is remaining, and start up the fourth one.


Game Shark Codes

Joker Command D0069948 ????
Turtle Woods
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD644 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD648 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pick-up) 800A0D5C 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD568 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD58C FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD58E 0009
Snow Go
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD6D8 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD6DC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0DF0 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD5FC FFFF
Super Jump 800AD620 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD622 0009
Hang Eight
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD618 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD61C 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0D30 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD53C FFFF
Super Jump 800AD560 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD658 0009
The Pits
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD7A0 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD7A4 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0EB8 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD6C4 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD6E8 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD6EA 0009
Crash Dash
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD3C4 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD3C8 0400
Ultra Jump 800AD2E8 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD30C FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD30E 0009
Ripper Roo Boss
Infinite Lives 800AD0C0 0400
Snow Biz
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD8FC 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD900 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A1014 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD820 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD844 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD846 0009
Air Crash
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD7A4 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD7A8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0EBC 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD6C8 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD6EC FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD6EE 0009
Bear It
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD64C 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD650 0400
Ultra Jump 800AD570 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD594 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD596 0009
Crash Crush
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD520 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD524 0400
Ultra Jump 800AD444 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD468 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD46A 0009
Eel Deal
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD688 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD68C 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0DA0 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD5AC FFFF
Super Jump 800AD5D0 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD5D2 0009
K. Brothers Boss
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0B9C 0200
Plant Food
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD4F4 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD4F8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0C0C 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD418 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD43C FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD43E 0009
Sewer or Later
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD500 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD504 0400
Ultra Jump 800AD424 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD448 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD44A 0009
Road to Ruin
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD6A8 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD6AC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0DC0 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD5CC FFFF
Super Jump 800AD5F0 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD5F2 0009
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0079948 0004
800AD9D4 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD9D8 0400
Ultra Jump 800AD8F8 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD91C FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD91E 0009
Bear Down
Infinite Lives 800AD740 0400
Tiny Boss
Infinite Lives 800ACF64 0400
Hangin' Out
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD5A0 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD5A4 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0CB8 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD4C4 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD4E8 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD4EA 0009
Diggin' It
Push L1 for 99 Fruit D0069948 0004
800AD9F8 6300
Infinite Lives 800AD9FC 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A1110 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD81C FFFF
Super Jump 800AD840 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD842 0009
Cold Hard Crash
Infinite Lives 800AD9F0 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A1104 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD810 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD834 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD836 0009
Infinite Lives 800AD830 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0F44 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD750 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD774 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD776 0009
Infinite Lives 800AD9A8 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A10BC 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD8C8 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD8EC FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD8EE 0009
N. Gin Boss
Infinite Lives 800AD104 0400
Piston It Away
Infinite Lives 800AD760 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A19A0 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD680 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD6A4 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD6A6 0009
Rock It
Infinite Lives 800AD4EC 0400
Night Fight
Infinite Lives 800AD6C4 0400
Pack Attack
Infinite Lives 800AD4E8 0400
Spaced Out
Infinite Lives 800AD6D0 0400
Infinite Masks (On Pickup) 800A0DE4 0200
Ultra Jump 800AD5F0 FFFF
Super Jump 800AD614 FFFF
Moon Jump D0069948 0040
800AD616 0009
N. Cortex
Infinite Lives 800ACFC0 0400
Misc Codes
Have All Silver and Colored Gems 8006CC28 FFFF
Have All Crystals 8006CDA4 FFFF

Note: The "Jump" codes only work on saved games. The longer you hold X with "Moon Jump" the higher you will go. The "Ultra Jump" code causes some graphical distortion to Crash.

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