Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2
Nom du fichier : Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Unlock it all
Enter the Skill Shop while holding down the L2 button. Bulma will talk, but just leave, while holding the L2 button still. Re-enter the shop, repeat the trick over and over and your percent of your Capsules keeps increasing. This also unlocks characters for you, Breakthrough capsules, fusions, everything.

Unlock Tiencha, Gocruel, and KibitoShin
Collect the dragonballs and earn the breakthroughs for Goku, Hercule/Sataan, Yamcha, Tien, and The Supreme Kai/Kaio Shin. After that, gather the dragonballs again and earn their fusion capsules.

Free Capsule Increase
With a memory card inserted (to save progress), enter an item shop. Hold L1 + L2 and leave. Repeat the process for more stuff.

Note: They mess up on this cheat it not just L1 and L2. You have to hold R1,R2,L1,L2 when you leave the skill shop. You also have to set a skill or buy a skill for it to save. Thanks to James Arnold for this note.

Hidden Characters
Nappa: Beat him with Vegeta in Dragon World
Raditz: Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Recoome: Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Captain Ginyu: Beat him with Vegeta in Dragon World
Frieza: Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Android 20:Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Android 18: Beat her with Krillin in Dragon World
Android 17: Beat him with Piccolo in Dragon Waorld
Android 16: Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Cell: Beat him with Goku in Dragon World
Great Saiyaman: Beat Cell with Gohan in Dragon World
Hercule: Beat Majin Buu (fat) with Great Saiyaman
Videl: Beat Super Buu (with Gohan absorbed) with Hercule
Future Trunks: Beat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks
All the Buus: Get all of the dragonballs in dragon world and wish for Babidi's spaceship. Then do any of the stages in Babidi's ship to gain kili. If you have enough kili you can unlock the Buus automatically (a capsule would show up when the kili is being collected at the end of each stage).

Fight with 6 Bars of Health Gauge
Go to Edit Skills from the Main Menu. Go to Edit Capsules and choose the skill SENZU BEAN in the custom tray of any charachter. There are total 7 spots in the custom tray and this skill takes up 3 spots so choose your other 4 skills wisely. Now fight in any mode (duel, world tournament, dragon world). When you are fighting some tough charachters you might die. But you as soon as your life ends you will get back up and have 3 more bars of life. That makes 6 bars for you. This is extremely useful in Dragon World when you are fighting Super Buu (Gohan absorbed) with Hercule to unlock Videl.

Note: When you have entered the BREAKTHROUGH skill in the custom tray of your charachter, the SENZU Bean skill won't come into effect. So remember that you can only use it separately.

Fight with 9 Bars of Health Gauge
Note: This thing can only work on Frieza. Go to Edit Skills from the main menu. Go to Edit Capsules and choose Frieza. Put the skills SENZU BEAN and FRIEZA'S SPACE SHIP in his custom tray. Now fight in any mode (duel, world tournament, dragon world). If you die you will get back up and have 3 more bars of health gauge. That makes 6 bars of life for you. If you die again, Frieza's Space Ship will appear and heal you. Now you will again get back up and again have 3 more bars of health gauge. That makes 9 bars of life for you. Frieza will also transform into Mecha Frieza. This is a much stronger transformation than Final from. You will be invincible! Note: If you have entered the skill BREAKTHROUGH in Frieza's custom tray, then the SENZU BEAN and FRIEZA'S SPACE SHIP skills won't come into effect. They will only work separately.

Gotenks Fusion Failure
If you are fighting as either Goten or Trunks in a battle with the skill FUSION in their custom trays, here's something to laugh about. While fighting, do fusion (P,P,K,K,E). Then you will have to press a combination of buttons to perform the fusion dance. If you press them correctly in the right order, then the fusion will be succesful and Gotenks will be born. But if you want to have some fun with it, then do this. Perform the fusion technique (P,P,K,K,E). Then when you have to press the other combination of buttons, do them wrong. If you press the wrong buttons, then Gotenks will be really skinny and look funny. If you miss the last few buttons then Gotenks will be fat and tired and will not be able to use any moves.

How to get most of the characters
To get Trunks Beat Vegeta on level 3 with Kid Trunks to get Trunks.To Get Teen Gohan beat cell on the last level with Gohan to get Teen Gohan.To get Cell beat him with Goku.To get Supreme Kai beat or lose to him with Goku.You get GT.Saiyaman either if you beat Supreme Kai or beat Cell with Gohan.To get Yamcha beat Nappa with Tien.To get Nappa beat him with Vegeta.To get Vegeta beat him with Goku on the 3rd level.To get Raditz beat him with Goku on the 1st level.To get Kid Buu,Super Buu,Majin Buu,and Debura get all the dragon balls then select the Babidi's Portal option and then gain enough kili in babidi's spaceship to get them all. To get Frieza,Captain Ginyu,and Recoome beat them all on the 2nd level with Goku.To get Videl beat Majin Buu with Hercule.To get Android 18 beat her with Krillin.To get Android 17 beat him with Piccolo.To get Android 16 beat him with Goku.To get Android 20 or Dr.Gero as an android beat him with anybody.

How to get Yamcha and Teen Gohan
In dragon world,defeat Nappa with Tien to get Yamcha. To get Teen Gohan,defeat Cell with Gohan on the level where you have to deafeat Kid Buu.

Easy Wins
To win easilly on tournaments or any fight, do the following: first buy the capsules, "viral heart disease" and the "vaccine" capsules. Then go to the character edits and put "viral heart disease" and the "vaccine" on the player you want to win with. Then you can wait till their health decreases and then just finish them with an ultimate move (this works with everyone, so if u want to win in the tournaments, you can do this and kill the opponent when he has little health).

Super Saiyan Level 3 (Goku only)
To get level 3 you need to go to the skill shop, and press L2 and keep going in and out of the shop, and watch your percentage of how far you are in having all of the capsules. Once you have reached about 75% go to edit capsules, and go to Goku. Press x then and x again. look in the ability skills to see if you have the following things:King Kai fistX20,super saiyan,super saiyan 2,then super saiyan3. (YOU NEED ALL OF THOSE TO BE ABLE TO USE S.S.3). If you don't have all of those things then keep trying the L2 trick.

This isnt really a cheat but this is how you taunt first you have to get into a battle then hold punch, guard, kick and energy together at once then your character will do a taunt but, the cool thing is that it brings your opponent down one ki gauge if successfull.

Ultimate Defence
Go to Edit skills menu. Then Edit capsules. First, with just about any character, equip"Gero's perpetual energy". Then equip "dende's recovery" and "mixed Blood Power".

Note 1: This isn't much of a cheat but a good strategy.
Note 2: You won't be able to transform!

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