Kenka Bancho : Badass Rumble - PSP

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Kenka Bancho : Badass Rumble - PSP
Nom du fichier : Kenka Bancho : Badass Rumble - PSP - Auteur : ANO - [PSP]

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding title.
Agoraphobe: Remain on the third floor of the Inn for the duration of the entire trip.
Anti-Social: Never accompany the class on an outing.
Arch Support: Stay in the bridge position for a total of 6 hours.
Bancho of Japan: Conquer all 47 prefectures of Japan.
Bancho Overlord: Personally defeat all 47 banchos in a single playthrough.
Bronze Fist: Defeat 300 enemies without using weapons (other than your fists).
Bus Boy: Visit all bus stops by bus.
Bus Fanatic: Only use the bus to travel and visit all stops.
Chaperone: Play the game for the third time.
Chugoku Bancho: Conquer Hiroshima, Okayama, Tottori, Shimane, and Yamaguchi.
Constant Hair: Never change your hairstyle for the entire trip.
Curfew Breaker: Break curfew three times.
Curfew Hater: Break curfew every night.
Curious: Attempt to peek into the ladies' bath three times.
Ephebophile: Direct 100 Menchi Beams at young men.
Faster: Eat nothing for three days straight.
Fetal Position: Hold your knees for a total of six hours.
Gerontophobe: Direct 100 Menchi Beams at older men.
Gold Fist: Defeat 1,000 enemies without using weapons other than your fists.
Great Masochist: Complete the game without saving.
Hokkaido Bancho: Conquer Hokkaido.
Hokuriku Bancho: Conquer Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama.
Kanto Bancho: Conquer Chiba, Gunma, Ibaraki, Kanagawa, Tochigi, Tokyo, and Saitama.
Kinki Bancho: Conquer Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Shiga, and Wakayama.
Koshinetsu Bancho: Conquer Nagano, Niigata, and Yamanashi.
Kyushu Bancho: Conquer Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Nagasaki, Ooita, and Saga.
Obedient: Keep curfew every night.
Obsessed: Attempt to peek into the ladies' bath every night.
Ogler: Direct 100 Menchi Beams at young women.
Okinawa Bancho: Conquer Okinawa.
Parking Lot: Sit in the squatting position for a total of six hours.
Quick-Witted: Initiate 50 Smash Talks.
Secret Finder: Find all the pennants hidden in Kyouto.
Shabazo: Act in a Shabai manner.
Shabazo King: Be a Shabazo master.
Shikoku Bancho: Conquer Ehime, Kagawa, Kouchi, and Tokushima.
Shut-In: Remain on the third floor of the Inn for an entire day.
Silver Fist: Defeat 500 enemies without using weapons other than your fists.
Smelly Clothes: Never change your clothing for the entire trip.
Starveling: Eat nothing for six days straight.
Stumbletounge: Respond to 50 Smash Talks.
Tohoku Bancho: Conquer Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata.
Tokai Bancho: Conquer Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka.
Touries: Collect all itineraries.
Train Man: Visit all train stops by train.
Xenophobe: Direct 100 Menchi Beams at foreign men.

Unlimited sprinting
Hold [Sprint] until at full speed, and begin tapping [Sprint]. You will continue sprinting without running out of stamina.

Alternate endings
Complete the indicated events to unlock the corresponding ending
Shinsengumi War at Ikeda High
Day 2 a.m.: Shinkyogoku (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 p.m.)
Day 2 p.m.: Gion (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 p.m.)
Day 3 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (one of three events required to progress to Day 3 p.m.)
Day 3 p.m.: Ikeda High
Day 4 a.m.: Yasaka
Day 4 p.m.: Shinkyogoku
Day 5 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill
Day 5 p.m.: Ikeda High
Day 6 a.m.: Kiyomizudera
Manami Fujisawa
Day 2 a.m.: Kiyomizudera
Day 2 p.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (no cinematic; talk to her there)
Day 3 a.m.: Nijo Castle
Day 3 p.m.: Gosho (first choice)
Day 4 a.m.: Tenmangu (second choice)
Day 4 p.m.: Kamishichiken (second choice)
Day 5 a.m.: Shinkyogoku
Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (first choice)
Day 6 a.m.: Jiki-Shian (first choice)
Day 7 a.m.: Shinkyogoku
Aya Kondo
Day 2 p.m.: Ikeda High
Day 3 p.m.: 2.5 Year Hill (second choice)
Day 4 a.m.: Gyoen
Day 5 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill
Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (second choice)
Day 6 a.m.: Ikeda High (first choice)
Day 6 p.m.: Ikeda High
Day 7 a.m.: Kiyomizudera
Suzune Kasugano "Kotone"
Day 2 a.m.: Load in Night Out mode, pay 5,000 to summon her in Gion, then save the game.
Day 2 a.m.: Kamishichiken
Day 2 p.m.: Yasaka
Day 3 a.m.: Kamishichiken
Day 4 p.m.: Kamishichiken (second choice)
Day 5 p.m.: Yasaka (third choice)
Day 6 a.m.: Jiki-Shian (first choice)
Day 7 a.m.: 2.5 Year Hill

Bancho Emperor Fiesta
Defeat all Banchos including the final Boss, then complete Shinsengumi War. In Bancho Emperor Fiesta you will fight all the other 48 Banchos.

Bancho locations
Search the indicated location at the listed day and time to find the corresponding Bancho.
Day 1: Afternoon
Aomori: City Hall
Iwate: Yasaka
Yamagata: Shinkyogoku
Day 2: Morning
Aomori: Gion
Chiba: Yasaka
Ehime: Station
Iwate: Arashiyama
Kanagawa: Nijo Area
Wakayama: Gyoen
Yamagata: Kinkakuji Area
Day 2: Afternoon
Aomori: City Hall
Chiba: Station
Ehime: Shinkyogoku
Iwate: Gyoen
Kanagawa: Yasaka
Wakayama: 2.5 Year Hill
Yamagata: Kinkakuji
Day 3: Morning
Akita: Kiyomizu
Chiba: Jiki-Shian
Ehime: Station
Fukushima: Yasaka
Hiroshima: City Hall
Kanagawa: Tenmangu
Kouchi: Kinkakuji Area
Okayama: Gion
Osaka: Nijo Castle
Tokushima: Arashiyama
Wakayama: Togetsubashi
Yamaguchi: Gyoen
Day 3: Afternoon
Akita: Station
Chiba: Togetsubashi
Ehime: Gion
Fukushima: Yasaka
Hiroshima: Gyoen
Kanagawa: Kamishichiken
Kouchi: Kinkakuji
Okayama: Nijo Castle
Osaka: Arashiyama
Tokushima: Kinkakuji Area
Wakayama: Jiki-Shian
Yamaguchi: Gosho
Day 4: Morning
Aichi: Station
Akita: Nijo Castle
Fukushima: 2.5 Year Hill
Ishikawa: Nijo Area
Kagoshima: Kinkakuji Area
Kouchi: Jiki-Shian
Nagano: Gosho
Okinawa: City Hall
Osaka: Kamishichiken
Shiga: Kinkakuji
Shizuoka: Shinkyogoku
Tokushima: Kiyomizu
Tokyo: Togetsubashi
Yamaguchi: Gion
Day 4: Afternoon
Aichi: Station
Akita: Nijo Area
Fukushima: Kiyomizu
Ishikawa: Gyoen
Kagoshima: Kamishichiken
Kouchi: Jiki-Shian
Nagano: Gosho
Okinawa: Gion
Osaka: Kinkakuji Area
Shiga: Tenmangu
Shizuoka: City Hall
Tokushima: Kiyomizudera
Tokyo: Arashiyama
Yamaguchi: Yasaka
Day 5: Morning
Aichi: Shinkyogoku
Fukuoka: Kiyomizudera
Gunma: Yasaka
Ibaraki: Gion
Ishikawa: Kinkakuji Area
Kagoshima: Jiki-Shian
Kumamoto: Station
Nagasaki: City Hall
Okinawa: Arashiyama
Ooita: 2.5 Year Hill
Saitama: Nijo Area
Shizuoka: Tenmangu
Tochigi: Gyoen
Tokyo: Kiyomizu
Day 5: Afternoon
Aishi: City Hall
Fukuoka: Station
Gunma: Tenmangu
Ibaraki: Gyoen
Ishikawa: Gosho
Kagoshima: Jiki-Shian
Kumamoto: Gion
Nagasaki: Shinkyogoku
Ooita: Kinkakuji Area
Saitama: Togetsubashi
Shizuoka: Kamishichiken
Tochigi: Arashiyama
Tokyo: Kiyomizudera
Day 6: Morning
Fukuoka: Yasaka
Gifu: Tenmangu
Gunma: City Hall
Ibaraki: Gyoen
Kumamoto: Kinkakuji
Miyagi: Togetsubashi
Nagasaki: Kamishichiken
Niigata: 2.5 Year Hill
Ooita: Shinkyogoku
Saga: Kiyomizu
Shimane: Arashiyama
Tottori: Station
Yamanashi: Gion
Day 6: Afternoon
Fukuoka: Gion
Gifu: Kinkakuji Area
Gunma: Station
Ibaraki: Gosho
Kumamoto: Kinkakuji
Miyagi: Jiki-Shian
Nagasaki: Temangu
Nara: Kamishichiken
Niigata: Kiyomizu
Ooita: City Hall
Saga: Kiyomizudera
Shimane: Nijo Castle
Tottori: Nijo Area
Yamanashi: Shinkyogoku
Day 7: Morning
Fukui: Kinkakuji
Gifu: Gyoen
Hokkaido: Kinkakuji Area
Hyogo: Nijo Area
Kagawa: Togetsubashi
Kyoto: Arashiyama
Mie: City Hall
Miyagi: Yasaka
Miyazaki: Gosho
Nara: Jiki-Shian
Niigata: Tenmangu
Saga: Gion
Tottori: Kiyomizu
Toyama: Nijo Castle
Yamanashi: Kamishichiken
Day 7: Afternoon
Fukui: Station
Gifu: Nijo Castle
Hokkaido: Kinkakuji Area
Hyogo: Kamishichiken
Kagawa: Togetsubashi
Kyoto: Arashiyama
Mie: Gion
Miyagi: Shinkyogoku
Miyazaki: Gyoen
Nara: Jiki-Shian
Niigata: Kinkakuji
Saga: Yasaka
Tottori: Kiyomizudera
Toyama: Nijo Area
Yamanashi: Tenmangu

Dodging attacks
First, lock on to the enemies by pressing Down. Once you are locked on, you can dodge attacks from enemies.

Finding the Bancho
To find where the Bancho is located, press Start, then go to "Itinerary". Then, press Triangle to change the view. You will see icons of the Bancho (some blue and some green). This will show you the location of the Bacho so you can fight them.

Infinite Shinsengumi War
Successfully complete Shinsengumi War.

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