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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered [PS4] - PS4

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered [PS4] - PS4

Nom du fichier : Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Remastered [PS4] - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

Game mods
Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding game mod. Note: These mods cannot be enabled for attempts at online ranking.
Double Base Score: Reach the final level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
Expert and Super Stats: Reach the final level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
Inverted, Black & White, Green Boy, and Old-Timey Graphics Filters: Reach the final level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.
Tiny and Giant Skater Sizes: Reach the final level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

Skate Heaven level
Successfully complete all goals in all goal parks to unlock the Skate Heaven level in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Play as Officer Dick (Jack Black)
Select a custom created character. Note: This can only be done with a custom created skater. Successfully complete all 24 "Created Skaters" challenges to unlock Officer Dick (Jack Black), which has maximum stats in all categories. After unlocking Officer Dick (Jack Black), claim him at the challenges menu.

Play as Roswell Alien
Collect the 19 Alien Plushies found throughout all 19 levels in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 to unlock the Roswell Alien, which has maximum stats in all categories. After unlocking the Roswell Alien, claim him at the challenges menu.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Pro Skater Returns (Platinum): Complete all other Trophies!
Gap Master (Gold): Complete all Gap collections.
Got There (Gold): Complete all "Hard" Get-Theres.
Legen-Dairy (Gold): Earn the "Legend" Challenge Collection.
You Broke the Scoreboard (Gold): Achieve a High Score of 10,000,000+ on any classic Park.
Bought the Farm (Silver): Spend $10,000 in the Skate Shop.
Combo Total (Silver): Earn 2,000,000 points in Combo Mambo across all playtime.
Going to the Vet (Silver): Earn the "Veteran" Challenge Collection.
Grand Tourer (Silver): Complete every goal in THPS1 Classic and gain all gold medals.
High as a Kite (Silver): Land a 1,000,000+ point combo.
Horsin' Around (Silver): Give 50 Letters in Horse.
ONE HUNDRED! (Silver): Reach Career level 100.
Score Total (Silver): Earn 5,000,000 points in Trick Attack across all playtime.
Shoot and Score (Silver): Achieve a High Score of 1,000,000+ on any classic Park.
Valhalla (Silver): Complete every goal in THPS2 Classic and gain all gold medals.
#10 Downing Street (Bronze): Reach Career level 10.
4 for Four (Bronze): Earn any 4 Medals on competition parks in Tours.
Back to School.... Again (Bronze): Unlock School II in THPS2 Classic.
Combination Blow (Bronze): Land a 50,000+ point combo.
Creative (Bronze): Create a new park and upload it.
Creator (Bronze): Create a skater using the CAS system.
Matchup (Bronze): Complete a match in multiplayer.
Medallion (Bronze): Earn a Medal on any competition park in Tours.
Mess with the Bull.... (Bronze): Unlock Bullring in THPS2 Classic.
Paint the Town (Bronze): Paint 100 surfaces in Graffiti across all playtime.
Piece by Piece (Bronze): Place 500 objects in CAP.
Rookie of the Year (Bronze): Earn the "Rookie " Challenge Collection.
Statted (Bronze): Find all Stat points for any Pro Skater.
Summer's Over (Bronze): Unlock School in THPS1 Classic.
The Truth is Out There (Bronze): Unlock Roswell in THPS1 Classic.
Additionally, there are seven secret trophies:
Donut Mess with a Cop (Silver): Unlock Officer Dick.
Shattered (Silver): Break 20 Panes of Glass.
The Truth is In Here (Silver): Find every alien plushie.
BEEP BEEP (Bronze): Get hit by a vehicle on every map that features them.
Can't Judge Me (Bronze): Achieve a judge score of 99.9 on a competition run.
Ouch! (Bronze): Bail a 100,000+ point combo.
... Get the horns (Bronze): Get hit by the Bull in Bullring.

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