Ghost of Tsushima - PS4

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Ghost of Tsushima - PS4
Nom du fichier : Ghost of Tsushima - PS4 - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

Infinite predator hides and easy supplies
To get an unlimited supply of predator hides, go the Rushing Water Crossing camp in Izuhara, east of Cloud Pass. When fast traveling to this camp, a scripted event will occur where the camp is attacked by two bears. This event occurs every time you fast travel to the area. Thus, you can just leave, then fast travel back to reset the bears. The camp contains a chest with Steel, and you can find Iron scattered around —- both of which will also respawn when you fast travel to the area. Simply travel to the area, kill the bears, grab the loot, then fast travel out and back. You can also just die after grabbing the bears to farm a little bit quicker. Note: If you are having trouble killing the bears, equip the kunai, use sticky bombs, or just shoot the bears with arrows to kill them quickly. If you are an experienced sword fighter, you will not have any trouble killing the bears. This area is useful at just about any point in the game —- even in the post-game, when you will needs extra supplies to buy missing items.

Sly Cooper Thief outfit:
Equip the following gear at the same time to dress up as Sly Cooper and get the "Cooper Clan Cosplayer" trophy.
Sly Tanuki (Sword Kit): Found from Pillar Of Honor at Region 3: Kamiagata, in the Kin Prefecture.
Crooked Kama Headband (Helmet): Found on top of Jogaku Temple roof in Region 3: Kamigata.
Thief's Wrap (Mask): Obtained from gift altar. Advance the story and check the gift altars (for example, at Golden Temple in first region). Otherwise, check the gift altar after the story and it will be there.
Gosaku's Armor (Body): Obtained from "The Unbreakable Gosaku" Mythic Tale in Region 3: Kamiagata.
Ocean's Guardian (Dye): A color you can buy from merchants (for example, at Umugi Cove merchant).

Control weathe:
Collect all 20 Singing Crickets to unlock flute songs that allow the weather to be changed. To change the weather, equip the flute song in the accessories and swipe Left on the Touchpad.

Recommended ghost weapons and tactics:
The following are the recommended ghost weapons and tactics to unlock first in Ghost Of Tsushima. You will eventually be able to unlock everything in the game, but these starting skills will help you the most in the early game.

Ghost weapons to get first
Wind Chime: This pairs best with Chain Assassination. With the Wind Chime, you can sneak through basically any base in the game. There are two forms of Wind Chime —- standard, and Firecrackers which draw more enemies. You can swap between the two gadget types, then easily lure enemies away, or bring several enemies together for a chain assassination.
Sticky Bomb: A great weapon that combos well with Typhoon Kick. Use this ghost weapon as a finisher in combat to send enemies flying, and juggle them with arrows and a sticky bomb blast.
Kunai: This is great for taking down boars and other wild animals. Use these to easily hunt and kill enemies in close-range combat, then you can sell the hides.

Evolving tactics to get first
Chain Assassination: Since stealth is very powerful in the game, and using stealth can help you unlock your new stances much faster by observing unalerted Mongol leaders.
Concentration: This Archery skill gives you a short window where time is slowed, allowing you to pick off enemies with your bow. It is very effective in many situations, as you can take out a few annoying enemies, or kill a Mongol that is about to spot you while you are sneaking.
Iron Will: Early in the game, it is pretty easy to get killed. This allows you to revive yourself with two Resolve charges when downed.
Killer's Instinct: This powerful stealth ability is the last under the Focused Hearing tree. The skill generates a flashing aura on enemies that can be seen, allowing you to always know when it is safe to use assassination.

Black and White Dye Merchants locations:
The White Dye Merchant is located in Region 1: Izuhara, Prefecture: Komoda. The Black Dye Merchant is located in Region 2: Toyotama, Prefecture: Kushi. They will be there at any time. You must buy one item from each to get the "Monochrome Masters" trophy. You pay them with flowers, which are found everywhere in the open world. Simply collect enough flowers to buy their cheapest item.

Easy "All In The Wrist" trophy:
Fully upgrade the "Sakai Clan Armor". It is unlocked automatically during Act 2 - Main Quest: From the Darkness. It adds a +2 Streak to standoffs. Purchase the "Standoff Streak" and "Improved Standoff Streak" skills (Techniques -- Ghost -- Evolving Tactics). This adds another +2 Streak to standoffs. By default you can only kill one enemy per standoff. However, the above armor and skills adds +4 to the Streak, bringing the total to 5. You must kill five enemies in one standoff to get the "All In The Wrist" trophy. Standoffs are activated by pressing Up when the button prompt appears on-screen. Then, hold Triangle and release it when the enemy is starting their attack. To add another strike, keep your finger off Triangle and only tap it shortly when an enemy comes rushing at you. Repeat the last step on more enemies for five Standoff Kills in a row. Standoffs usually happen when you approach enemies head-on, or when only a few last survivors are scattered around an enemy camp. You always get the option when approaching random enemy patrols that appear along main roads. The enemies in late-game areas (yellow, green armor) get much harder to defeat in standoffs. In particular, they will try to disorient you with fake attack attempts and their attacks are also much quicker, which requires a better reaction time. It is better to go back to the first region where enemies are slower in standoffs (white robes or red armor). Finding a random patrol of bandits (white robes) in the first region is the easiest option that requires the least reaction time. If you have already liberated all regions, you can still find random enemy patrols on the main roads all over the map.

Easy "Dirge Of The Fallen Forge" trophy:
The "Lament Of The Storm" is a song for your flute. You can view your flute songs under Pause Menu -- Gear -- Accessories -- Flute. To unlock the "Lament Of The Storm" song, collect five Singing Crickets. They are collectibles found at cemeteries. Once you collect five of them, the song will automatically become unlocked. Select it from the Gear -- Accessories -- Flute menu. Next, play until at least to the end of Main Quest: A Reckoning In Blood (Act 2). This unlocks Taka's Grave on the map. You can return to it at any time (it even has a fast travel point on it). Travel to Taka's Grave, then swipe the Touchpad left to play the song and get the "Dirge Of The Fallen Forge" trophy.

Easy "Gifted" trophy:
Gifts are collected from Gift Altars (for example, at Golden Temple in the first region, which is a story location you automatically visit during Act 1). More gifts become available automatically through story progression. You can check the gift altars during the story from time to time -- or just ignore them and check after completing the story to have more than 10 gifts available. The gifts include resources and some wearable masks.

Easy "Have A Nice Fall" trophy:
First, buy either the "Shoulder Charge" skill (Techniques -- Samurai -- Evasion) or "Strengthened Typhoon Kick" skill (Techniques -- Stances -- Wind Stance). Shoulder Charge can be unlocked sooner and allows you to press Circle while sprinting to knock enemies backward over ledges. However, it is countered quite often and harder to control than Typhoon Kick. Strengthened Typhoon Kick is unlocked later in the game (after killing lots of enemy leaders) and is activated by holding Triangle in Wind Stance. It is easier to use and enemies usually do not counter it. Either move will work to get this trophy. All you need now is a ledge or cliff. This could be the cliffside of a mountain, or it could be a rooftop or archer's watchtower. There should be at least a five meter drop, more is better. Line up the enemy at the ledge and knock them off. You do not have to be in stealth for it, as this can be done in open combat. You can also weaken the enemy beforehand. He needs to die from the fall to get the trophy; if he survives it will not count. It is recommended to do this trophy as early as possible. The more outposts and tales you have completed, the more limited your options become. When you have liberated all areas, you will only have random enemy patrols in the open world remaining. You then need to get lucky to get enemies to spawn near a cliff, or lure them there from further away. It is easier to do this at enemy outposts where enemies have fixed positions. For example, a good spot is at "Derelict Mine" in the third region, which is surrounded by many cliffs.

Easy "Witness Protection" trophy:
First, you need to terrify an enemy. An enemy counts as "terrified" when they see something gruesome and fall to the floor in shock, then they start running away from the fight. While there are many ways to terrify enemies, the easiest option is to shoot some with Blowgun Poison Darts while wearing the Ghost Armor. Find any group of enemies and shoot two of them with Poison Darts. This has a very high chance of terrifying the enemies that see the this. When they run away, get out your bow and shoot them in the back to get the "Witness Protection" trophy. The enemy does not have to die from the arrow, just hitting counts.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Living Legend (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
Helping Sword Hand (Gold): Complete all Tales of Tsushima.
Body, Mind, and Spirit (Silver): Complete all Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes.
Master Liberator (Silver): Liberate the entirety of Tsushima Island.
Teller of Tales (Silver): Complete all of the Mythic Tales.
A Charming Man (Bronze): Equip a charm in all 6 slots.
A Fight For The Isle…. (Bronze): Liberate all occupied areas in Izuhara.
A Moment in Time (Bronze): Personalize a scene in Photo Mode.
A New Safe Haven (Bronze): Liberate all occupied areas in Kamiagata.
All in the Wrist (Bronze): Defeat the maximum amount of enemies within a single Standoff.
Avid Reader (Bronze): Collect 20 Records.
Every Trick in the Book (Bronze): Acquire all the throwable Ghost Weapon techniques.
Favor of the Kami (Bronze): Find and honor all of the Shinto Shrines on Tsushima.
Flash of Steel (Bronze): Defeat 20 enemies with a counterattack after a Perfect Parry.
Gifted (Bronze): Collect 10 gifts.
Good Riddance (Bronze): Liberate 8 occupied areas in Toyotama.
Haunting Precision (Bronze): Kill 20 enemies with Ghost Stance strikes.
Hero of the People (Bronze): Liberate 12 occupied areas in Izuhara.
Know Your Enemy (Bronze): Collect 20 Mongol artifacts.
Light the Way (Bronze): Rekindle all the lighthouses of Tsushima.
Mass Eviction (Bronze): Liberate 7 occupied areas in Kamiagata.
Open for Business (Bronze): Successfully Stagger enemies 50 times.
Quick Study (Bronze): Learn the Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon combat stances.
Securing Sanctuary…. (Bronze): Liberate all occupied areas in Toyotama.
Slay (Bronze): Acquire 30 pieces of Vanity Gear.
The Ghost of Legend (Bronze): Build your Legend to earn the title Ghost of Tsushima.
The Perfect Storm (Bronze): Fully upgrade your sword.
There Can Be Only One (Bronze): Successfully complete every duel.

Additionally, there are 24 secret trophies:
Mono No Aware (Gold): Leave the past behind and accept the burden of your new mantle.
Cooper Clan Cosplayer (Silver): Dress up as a legendary thief.
Have a Nice Fall (Silver): Kill an enemy with fall damage by knocking them off a ledge.
The Headstrong Thief (Silver): Complete all of Yuna's Tales.
The Unbending Archer (Silver): Complete all of Ishikawa's Tales.
The Vengeful Warrior (Silver): Complete all of Masako's Tales.
The Warrior Monk (Silver): Complete all of Norio's Tales.
Birthright (Bronze): Recover your father's armor.
Company of Wolves (Bronze): Recruit the Straw Hat ronin.
Den of Thieves (Bronze): Discover Umugi Cove.
Dirge of the Fallen Forge (Bronze): Play the "Lament of the Storm" at a friend's grave.
Dying Embers (Bronze): Eradicate the traitors in the name of a fallen friend.
Family Reunion (Bronze): Free Lord Shimura from the Khan's clutches.
Gathering Storm (Bronze): Recover the katana of clan Sakai.
Honor the Unseen (Bronze): Bow to 10 hidden altars across Tsushima.
Leader of the People (Bronze): Rally the peasants of Yarikawa.
Lost and Found (Bronze): Discover a Pillar of Honor and collect its Sword Kit.
Monochrome Masters (Bronze): Purchase an item from the Black and White Dye Merchants.
Point of No Return (Bronze): Break your code to help a new friend.
Sovereign End (Bronze): Confront the Khan.
Stoking the Flame (Bronze): Rescue Taka from Mongol captivity.
The Exiled Alliance (Bronze): Reunite with your allies in the frozen north.
The Ghost (Bronze): Embrace your new identity.
Witness Protection (Bronze): Shoot a Terrified enemy with an arrow while they are fleeing.

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