The Last of Us Part II - PS4

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The Last of Us Part II - PS4
Nom du fichier : The Last of Us Part II - PS4 - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

All weapons, bombs, and holsters locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all weapons, gadgets, and holsters in The Last Of Us: Part 2 and get the "High Caliber" trophy.

Chapter 9: Downtown

Pump-Action Shotgun: It is found inside the Westlake Bank tower. Enter the ruins to reach the bank lobby, and enter "60-23-06" as a code to unlock the vault. The shotgun is on one of the dead bank robbers.

Pet Store Key: This key is required for the next two entries. On Spring Street, break the glass of the corner diner and go inside. Go through the back rooms to the bathroom to find the key.

Long Gun Holster: On 6th Avenue, use the Pet Store Key artifact to unlock the interior. Go through the alley marked "Barkos Deliveries" to enter the pet store. The Gun Holster is found in the front room on the desk.

Stun Bomb: In the Barkos Pet Shop (also containing the Long Gun Holster), the Stun Bomb weapon can be found on the table in the main room, in the back-right corner.

Chapter 11: Capitol Hill

Trap Mine: After exiting an interior, you will reach an apartment building courtyard. Across the path, use a green dumpster to climb up to the open apartment balcony door. The Trap Mine is in the bedroom.

Short Gun Holster: Go to the back-alley path, and look for a building marked "AUTO" with a chain link fence and a green dumpster blocking the door. Move the dumpster, then enter "30-82-65" as the safe code to get the upgrade. It is the building behind the Tattoo Parlor.

Bow And Arrow: This weapon cannot be missed. After squeezing through a doorway, an infected will attack. Kill it and check the body to get the bow and arrows crafting recipe.

Chapter 25: On Foot

Hunting Pistol: It is found in a safe after your team leaves the boat house. On the way toward the FOB, you will pass a mobile office. Smash the window to get the safe code note, then look for a cracked wall on the right after passing an open gate. Use the "17-38-07" code to unlock it.

Chapter 28: Hostile Territory

Double Barrel Shotgun: Locate the large building covered in a dragon mural in China Town. Go down the shop street and enter the diner in the back left. Go upstairs and jump across, then enter a store room. In the second room, drop through the floor to enter a boutique. The shotgun is behind the cashier counter.

Short Gun Holster: Locate the truck that is covered in Seraphite letters to the prophet on wooden poles. Enter the office to the right of the truck, and search in the back room to find the holster.

Chapter 31: The Coast

Long Gun Holster: At the start of the chapter, you will enter a warehouse with a workbench. Enter the main room, and check out the small office. The holster is on the desk inside.

Crossbow: After entering the huge ship, you will not miss this weapon. Take the stairs up, and you will push open a doorway blocked by a body holding the crossbow.

Chapter 34: The Descent

Flamethrower: After sliding down to the hotel basement, proceed until you have to jump over a gap in the floor. Cross through the room and enter the closed door to the right. It leads to a steel beam you can cross. The flamethrower is found on a body.

Chapter 44: The Resort

Silenced Submachine Gun: This weapon cannot be missed. It is found at the start of the chapter.

Easy "Looks Good On You" trophy:
When Ellie and Joel enter the Wyoming Museum in Chapter 15: The Birthday Gift, immediately turn to the right to find a hat hanging in the gift shop area. Grab the hat and proceed to the next exhibition hall where all the dinosaur skeletons are. Put the hat on the first dinosaur skeletons on the left and right. After putting the hat on both those skeletons, you can put it on Joel to get the "Looks Good On You" trophy. If you miss it, you can redo it using Chapter Select.

Easy "Put My Name Up" trophy:
At the start of Chapter 29: Winter Visit, in the first room of the Aquarium, you can find a purple bow on the left side with a scoreboard above it. Interact with the bow to start this mini-game. The highscore is ten targets. You need to hit more than ten before time runs out. You are allowed to move around the area freely and shoot the targets from close range. No need to do any long-shots. If you have trouble with this, turn on Auto-Aim (Options -- Controls -- Assistance -- Lock-On Aim = On / Lock-On Strength = 10). If you missed this mini-game, you can replay it using Chapter Select.

Easy "Relic Of The Sages" trophy:
The "Strange Artifact" is an artifact collectible. It is found in Chapter 28: Hostile Territory. A few minutes into this chapter, you will reach the Chinatown district with shops on the left and right. Enter the last shop on the left and proceed upstairs to encounter two Clickers; kill them. Then, jump to the balcony across the street. Take a left turn to reach a room with a hole in the floor. To the right side of the hole is the "Strange Artifact" (before dropping down into the hole). The Strange relic is a reference to the Precursor Orb from the Jak And Daxter game series, which Naughty Dog worked on.

Easy "Sharpshooter" trophy:
After you get your Semi-Auto Rifle from the armory in Chapter 24: The Stadium, you can enter a shooting range on the right side (before getting into the truck that ends the chapter). You need to get a highscore by hitting the red markers (body/head) as often as possible. If you have trouble with this, turn on Auto-Aim (Options -- Controls -- Assistance -- Lock-On Aim = On / Lock-On Strength = 10). Getting over 85 points should be good enough to get the "Sharpshooter" trophy. If you missed this mini-game, you can replay it using Chapter Select

Easy "So Great And Small" trophy:
The "Engraved Ring" is an artifact collectible. It is found in Chapter 9: Downtown. After reaching the open world section, enter the first ruins on the left (when you look at the downtown map, it is the third block from the left in the bottom row). It is the bank building. Clear out the enemies inside, then open the bank vault (Code: 60-23-06). Inside the vault, check the safe deposit box in the far right corner in the back of the room. It contains a ring. The ring says "Sic Parvis Magna" (Greatness From Small Beginnings), which is a reference to Sir Francis Drake and the Uncharted game series by the same development team.

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Every Last One of Them (Platinum): Collect all trophies.
What I Had to Do (Gold): Complete the story.
Survival Expert (Gold): Learn all player upgrades.
Arms Master (Gold): Fully upgrade all weapons.
Archivist (Gold): Find all artifacts and journal entries.
Master Set (Gold): Find all trading cards.
Numismatist (Gold): Find all coins.
Prepared For the Worst (Gold): Find all workbenches.
Mechanist (Silver): Fully upgrade a weapon.
Specialist (Silver): Learn all player upgrades in one branch.
Safecracker (Silver): Unlock every safe.
Sightseer (Silver): Visit every location in downtown Seattle.
Journeyman (Silver): Find all training manuals.
Survival Training (Silver): Learn 25 player upgrades.
High Caliber (Silver): Find all weapons.
In the Field (Silver): Find 12 workbenches.
Tools of the Trade (Bronze): Craft every item.
Tinkerer (Bronze): Upgrade a weapon.
Apprentice (Bronze): Learn a player upgrade.
Starter Set (Bronze): Find 5 trading cards.
Mint Condition (Bronze): Find 5 coins.
Relic of the Sages (Bronze): Find the Strange Artifact.
So Great and Small (Bronze): Find the Engraved Ring.

Additionally, there are three secret trophies:

Looks Good On You (Bronze): Put a hat on your companion.
Sharpshooter (Bronze): Win the marksmanship competition.
Put My Name Up (Bronze): Earn the high score in the archery game.

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