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Code Vein [PS4] - PS4

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Code Vein [PS4] - PS4

Nom du fichier : Code Vein [PS4] - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

True ending:
Collect all Vestiges before each boss fight and restore all Successors in the memory scenes during a single playthrough to unlock the "Dwellers" ending, which is the true (best) ending in Code Vein. To save the Successors, thoroughly search the areas before their boss fights. There are special memories called Vestiges. You need to find all of the boss's Vestiges before defeating them in battle. Collect all the Vestiges, then give them to the NPC that resembles Io to save the Successor, freeing them from stone. Since you must save every Successor in the game, you need to carefully explore every area before defeating the boss.

Best items to give NPCs:
Give the indicated gift to the listed NPC to get the corresponding points towards building your relationship with him or her.
Best Gifts (+5): Aromatic Herbs, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Sushi Tacos, Tomato Oden Sandwich
Good Gifts (+3): Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Powerful Spices
Best Gifts (+5): Antique LP Record, Bugarally Doll, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Classic Camera, Geisha Noodles
Good Gifts (+3): Blood Bead Candy, Boutique Sake, Expensive Cigars, Protein Powder, Pungent Cheese, Tomato Oden Sandwich, Well-worn Tool, Yellowed Book
Best Gifts (+5): Flower Seeds, Geisha Noodles, Tomato Oden Sandwich
Good Gifts (+3): Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Bugarally Doll, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Organic Soap, Spotless Instrument, Undamaged Paint Set
Best Gifts (+5): Curious Novelty, Local Pendant, Tomato Oden Sandwich
Good Gifts (+3): 35mm Reel, Blood Bead Candy, Bugarally Doll, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Fragrant Tea, Organic Soap, Sushi Tacos, Yellowed Book
Best Gifts (+5): Aged Brandy, Bugarally Doll, Sushi Tacos
Good Gifts (+3): 35mm Reel, Antique Coin, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Classic Camera, Expensive Cigars, Flower Seeds, Geisha Noodles, Pungent Cheese, Yellowed Book
Best Gifts (+5): Faded Comics, Tomato Oden Sandwich, Yellowed Book
Good Gifts (+3): Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Bugarally Doll, Elegant Fountain Pen, Fragrant Tea, Geisha Noodles, Spotless Instrument
Best Gifts (+5): Aromatic Herbs, Fragrant Tea
Good Gifts (+3): Aged Brandy, Blood Bead Candy, Bottled Jam, Bugarally Doll, Fancy Cologne, Geisha Noodles, Organic Soap, Powerful Spices, Sushi Tacos, Tomato Oden Sandwich
Best Gifts (+5): Board Game, Bugarally Doll, Retro Game, Well-worn Tool
Good Gifts (+3): Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Chocolate Garlic Flakes, Custom Gun Parts, Faded Comics, Fancy Cologne, Geisha Noodles, Organic Soap, Stuffed Toy, Sushi Tacos
Best Gifts (+5): Aged Brandy, Boutique Sake, Bugarally Doll
Good Gifts (+3): 35mm Reel, Antique LP Record, Blood Bead Candy, Board Game, Custom Gun Parts, Faded Comics, Pungent Cheese, Retro Game, Sushi Tacos

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Revenant Preeminent (Platinum): Earn all trophies.
Gift Gatherer (Gold): Learn 150 Gifts (excluding those learned when acquiring a blood code).
Mender of Minds (Gold): Restore all Vestiges.
A Weapon for Every Season (Silver): Equip every weapon type.
Burning Spirit (Silver): Unlock the ability to inherit 50 Gifts.
Deep Trailblazer (Silver): Explore every part of the depths.
Exalted Reputation (Silver): Raise your reputation as a companion to rank 30.
Gifted (Silver): Learn 50 Gifts (excluding those learned when acquiring a blood code).
Miasma Manager (Silver): Activate all mistles.
Proven Devotion (Silver): Receive 30 presents from friends.
Revenant Requisites (Silver): Equip every Blood Veil type.
Together Until Oblivion (Silver): Listen to partner conversations 50 times while exploring.
Ultimate Armament (Silver): Upgrade a weapon to its maximum level.
Unbreakable Veil (Silver): Upgrade a Blood Veil to its maximum level.
Weaver of Wills (Silver): Collect every blood code.
Building Trust (Bronze): Give a desired valuable to a friend.
Drink Deep (Bronze): Successfully use a special drain from a parry, back attack, or launch attack.
Resonant Power (Bronze): Execute a Communal Gift.

Additionally, there are secret trophies:
Determiner of Fate (Gold): View every ending.
Io's Memories (Silver): View Io's memory echoes.
Blade Bearer and Cannoneer (Bronze): Defeat the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer in the Crypt Spire.
Butterfly of Delirium (Bronze): Defeat the Butterfly of Delirium in the ruined city center.
Coco's Memories (Bronze): View Coco's memory echoes.
Davis's Memories (Bronze): View Davis's memory echoes.
Dweller in the Dark (Bronze): View the "Dweller in the Dark" ending.
Gilded Hunter (Bronze): Defeat the Gilded Hunter in the Ashen Cavern.
Heirs (Bronze): View the "Heirs" ending.
Insatiable Despot (Bronze): Defeat the Insatiable Despot in the dried-up trenches.
Invading Executioner (Bronze): Defeat the Invading Executioner in the Howling Pit.
Juzo Mido (Bronze): Defeat the boss of the Crypt Spire, Juzo Mido.
Louis's Memories (Bronze): View Louis's memory echoes.
Mia's Memories (Bronze): View Mia's memory echoes.
Murasame's Memories (Bronze): View Murasame's memory echoes.
Oliver Collins (Bronze): Defeat Oliver Collins in the ruined city underground.
Queen's Knight (Bronze): Defeat the Queen's Knight within your memory.
Queen's Knight Reborn (Bronze): Defeat the Queen's Knight Reborn in the provisional government outskirts.
Skull King (Bronze): Defeat the Skull King in the Gaol of the Stagnant Blood.
Successor of the Breath (Bronze): Defeat the Successor of the Breath in the Ridge of Frozen Souls.
Successor of the Claw (Bronze): Defeat the Successor of the Claw in the City of Falling Flame.
Successor of the Ribcage (Bronze): Defeat the Successor of the Ribcage in the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood.
Successor of the Throat (Bronze): Defeat the Successor of the Throat in the Crown of Sand.
To Eternity (Bronze): View the "To Eternity" ending.
Yakumo's Memories (Bronze): View Yakumo's memory echoes.

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