Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4

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Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4
Nom du fichier : Final Fantasy VII Remake - PS4 - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

Infinite items, gil, and Moogle medals:
Shinra boxes reappear after loading your game. Thus, break the boxes and save your game after collecting the items from the boxes, such as potions, phoenix downs, and Moogle medals. Then, reload the saved game and break the boxes again. Repeat this trick as many times as desired. A good place to do this at is the "rest area" right before the Air Buster boss fight in the Sector 5 reactor with the bench and vending machine. The Shinra crates can easily be farmed in this area to get lots of items and medals.

Hard mode:
Successfully complete all chapters on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty, which contains altered enemy and player abilites/stats made to provide a more difficult experience.

Secondary Limit Breaks:
In Chapter 9, you will encounter the Coliseum, which allows you to complete optional fights for rewards. Complete all the story related content at the Coliseum to unlock the ability to play through free fight and unlock extra Limit Breaks. In the Coliseum, there will be certain fights labeled "Cloud vs.", "Tifa vs.", "Barret vs.", and "Aeris vs.". These are fights where you have to play as only one playable character. Complete these battles to earn that character's secondary Limit Break. There is one for each character, and once you are able to complete the Coliseum fights in Chapter 9 and beyond, you will be able to unlock these abilities.

All weapon locations and abilities:
Search the indicated locations to find all 24 weapons and abilities in Final Fantasy VII Remake. After getting a new weapon, you must equip it and use its unique ability through the command menu (during combat) to level up its proficiency. Get 100% proficiency with all 24 weapons to get the "Weapons Expert" trophy. You can view your proficiency and the weapon skill in the equipment menu. Nothing is missable, as you can return to every area using Chapter Select after the story. Most weapons are unlocked automatically, but some are quest rewards, some are bought from merchants, and one is stolen from a boss.

Iron Blade: In Chapter 3 (A Job For The Neighborhood Watch), it is automatically unlocked while completing the story.
Nail Bat: In Chapter 8 (Kids On Patrol), complete the side quest found in Sectors 5 Slums (Center District).
Hardedge: In Chapter 9 (To Corneo's Mansion), it is sold at the weapon store in the Sectors 6 Slums (Wall Market). It costs 2,000 gil. Its proficiency is Infinity's End.
Mythril Saber: In Chapter 14, it is sold at the weapon store in the Sector 6 Slums (Evergreen Park). It costs 3,000 gil. Its proficiency is Blade Burst.
Twin Stinger: In Chapter 17 (Find The Others), it is found in a chest in Sector 0 – Shinra Power Company (The Drum – Level 3). In the First Ward – Training Area, the doors will close behind you after leaving a room. The chest is directly to your left, before going up the stairs.

Light Machine Gun: In Chapter 6 (To The Cargo Platform), it is automatically unlocked while completing the story.
Big Bertha: In Chapter 13 (Checking On Friends), it is sold at the weapon store in the Sector 6 Slums (Evergreen Park). It costs 2,500 gil. Its proficiency is Maximum Fury.
Wrecking Ball: In Chapter 14 (Subterranean Menace), complete the side quest found in the Sector 6 Slums (Evergreen Park).
Steel Pincers: In Chapter 14, it is sold at the Moogle Emporium in the Sector 5 Slums (Children's Secret Hideout). It costs 7 Moogle Medals. Its proficiency is Charging Uppercut.
EKG Cannon: In Chapter 16 (A Helping Hand), it is sold by Hart in Sector 0 – Shinra Power Company (62F Upper Level – Corporate Archives). He can be found in the Mayor's Office. It costs 10,000 gil.

Metal Knuckles: In Chapter 5 (Secret Passageway), defeat the Crab Warden boss to get it.
Sonic Strikers: In Chapter 7 (Sentenced To Death), it is found in a chest in Mako Reactor 5 (B5).
Feathered Gloves: In Chapter 10 (Follow The Waterway), it is found in a chest in Sector 6 Sewers (Aquaduct 1). After lowering the water, go down and under the raised gate to find this chest.
Mythril Claws: In Chapter 13 (Finding Wedge), defeat the Appendage boss to get it.
Purple Pain: In Chapter 16 (Acquiring The Keycard), it is found in a chest in Sector 0 – Shinra Power Company (1F – Entrance). This chest is well hidden. Climb onto the truck hood in the lobby, jump onto the structure behind the display, and follow the hidden path to reach this chest.

Silver Staff: In Chapter 8, it is sold at the Moogle Emporium in the Sector 5 Slums (Children's Secret Hideout). It costs 2 Moogle Medals.
Arcane Scepter: In Chapter 9 (A Dynamite Body/Shears' Counterattack), complete either side quest found in the Sector 6 Slums (S7-6 Road).
Mythril Rod: In Chapter 11 (Someone's There), it is found in a chest in the Train Graveyard (Old Sector 7 Station – Switchyard). Go through the old train cars to find an optional alcove.
Bladed Staff: In Chapter 11 (Back Amongst Friends), use steal on the Eligor boss in the Train Graveyard (Old Sector 7 Station - Switchyard).
Reinforced Staff: In Chapter 17 (A Way Out), it is found in a chest in Sector 0 – Shinra Power Company (65F – Hojo's Lab). The chest is in the break room, in the Specimen Enclosure area.

Easy "Biker Boy" trophy
The Bike sequence takes place at the start of Chapter 4 and lasts approximately 10 minutes. First, you drive in a tunnel where some enemies on bikes and drones attack you. You can accelerate with R2 and slow down with L2. Drive up to the enemies and attack with Square or use your special Triangle ability for a strong attack (takes time to recharge). Press L1 + Triangle to do a long-range shooting attack, which is great against enemies that are far away from you (kills drones in one hit). After exiting the tunnel, you will be chased by Roche, the Bike boss in this mini-game. He is the only tricky part and on the first playthrough, you will likely fall below the trophy required health threshold because of him. He switches between a flurry of multiple ranged attacks (block with L1) and a single heavy ranged attack (evade by driving to the side). Halfway through the fight, he will drive on the side of the walls and summon electricity (evade by driving a slalom left and right). After he has done a few ranged attacks, he will slow down and you can damage him -- use the Triangle attack and press Square to perform some hits. Try to get as much damage in as possible. When he is about to use a melee bike slam, drive sideways so it does not hit you if you are far enough away. On the first playthrough of the chapter, you will probably miss this trophy. Either keep a save game at the end of Chapter 3 so you can reload and repeat immediately, or do it through Chapter Select after the story.

Easy "Crate Annihilator" trophy
First, complete the "Kids On Patrol" and "A Verified Hero" side quests in Chapter 8. In the "A Verified Hero" side quest, you get to play Whack-A-Box. This can be repeated after the side quest as many times as desired. To get the "Crate Annihilator" trophy, you must beat the high score of 30,000 points. It is only one challenge, not multiple. This challenge consists of smashing some boxes within a time limit. There are three colors of boxes: Yellow is for points only, Blue is for points + ATB gauge, Red is for bonus time. The basic strategy for reaching 30,000 is that you must reach as many red time blocks as possible and not get stuck trying to clear all boxes in one area. The only two attacks you are going to use are holding Square for a circular sword slash (destroys yellow boxes in one hit, blue boxes in two hits), and the "Triple Slash" ability of the Iron Blade sword. Make sure to equip the Iron Blade weapon for Cloud, as it has the "Triple Slash" ability. Use Triple Slash twice on those large 1,500 point boxes that are blocking your way. Two uses are enough to destroy them, which is the fastest method. From the 1,500 point boxes, only destroy those that are mandatory to advance, they take too long and give too few points -- so do not get stuck with them. What you must do is connect the path from one red time box to the next as quick as possible, doing a few Square sword slashes where lots of boxes are close together, but not slowing down to destroy small numbers of boxes. Ignore all 1,500 point boxes except those mandatory to advance.

Easy "Dancing Queen" trophy
After Aerith has changed into a new dress in Chapter 9 (during the "Aerith's Plan" objective, she will take you to Honeybee Inn where you are supposed to get the approval of Andrea to audition for Don Corneo. There will be a forced dancing mini-game. The dancing tutorial does not matter, but it does give a Music CD collectible if you get 10x "Great" rating. For this trophy, only the main dance with Andrea matters. It goes on for about three minutes. All you do is press the buttons shown on screen when they start to glow (a hexagon around the button will narrow down and start glowing, which indicates when you need to press it for a "Great" rating). To get the "Dancing Queen" trophy, complete the dance with a very high overall rating. When you are doing it correctly, you will see Aerith clapping her hands above her head. If she is applauding, you will get the trophy after Cloud puts on his dress after the dance. If Aerith makes a comment like "Well you tried," you have failed. It is highly recommended to create a manual save before the dance (as soon as you enter Honeybee Inn) because if you fail, you cannot repeat the dance unless you reload a previous save.

Easy "Divine Gratitude" trophy
The "Divine Gratitude" trophy requires that you have completed all side quests. Only then will the "Letter From The Angel" spawn at the end of Chapter 14, thanking you for your services to the people. Collect that letter to get the trophy. It is a blue glowing item on the main path to the last objective in Chapter 14, in plain sight and impossible not to see. This is after returning from the Sewers and turning in your last side quests. It is on the narrow path just before reaching the wall with "Avalanche" sprayed on it. If you go to the wall, you will also get a "Point Of No Return" warning and can still turn back.

Easy "Heavenly Dart Player" trophy
After you rescue Johnny in Chapter 3, you will go back to Seventh Heaven Bar with Tifa. At this point the story objective forces you to use the Darts mini-game to pass time. This is where you can get the "Heavenly Dart Player" trophy (this is the only opportunity to play Darts, as you will not return here in the story). If you missed this, you can replay Chapter 3 through Chapter Select after the story. To beat the leaderboard highscore, you must win the Darts mini-game in 7 throws or less (6 throws being the bare minimum possible). The record is 8. Getting it in 8 throws will not unlock the trophy, as it has to be 7 to beat the leaderboard. You need to clear 301 points total to win. The easiest method is to make 5 throws in the bullseye (5 x 50 = 250 points), 1 throw in T17 (3 x 17 = 51 points). This way you can finish in 6 darts, allowing you to mess up 1 throw and still get it in 7 total. You do not even need to hit the red center of the bullseye, as hitting the green ring around it still gives 50 points. On each throw, the cursor will be shaking. Put the cursor over the bullseye and steer against the cursor shake (so if you notice the cursor pulling to the right, you very slightly pull left to keep it centered). When the cursor narrows down to a yellow circle, make your throw –- it will hit exactly where you are aiming. So basically you need to get two things correct: balance the cursor wobble and have perfect timing. You only have two opportunities per dart to have a perfectly narrow cursor. Always throw on the second opportunity. It is better to ignore the first opportunity and balance out the cursor wobble instead to make it stay in the center. If you mess up, immediately pause and quit the mini-game to retry it. You do not need to finish it every time. It takes a lot of practice, but you can retry as often as desired.

Easy "In Lockstep" trophy
When the story forces Cloud, Tifa, and Barret to push three switches simultaneously in sync to open a door in Chapter 7, there will be a purple discovery marker on the map. Use the terminal where the purple marker is. Then, use the three switches again and push them in sync four times in a row to open the vault door to the Waste Recovery room and unlock the "In Lockstep" trophy. You do not need to hold on to the keycards you find throughout the chapter (those are not relevant for the trophy) -- so feel free to spend them on the Airbuster terminals.

Easy "Returning Champion" trophy
After winning the Colosseum Tournament as part of the story (defeated Hell House boss, unmissable) in Chapter 9, you can go back into the basement of the Colosseum and talk to the NPC there to start sparring sessions. Complete the first one that is one star difficulty to get the "Returning Champion" trophy.

Easy "Staggering Feat" trophy
There are three ways to increase an enemy's Stagger percentage. Using Tifa's Chi abilities (her default Triangle attacks) will increase the percentage the higher her Chi level, with Whirling Uppercut being the lowest, Omnistrike the middle, and Rise And Fall the highest. In order to use Omnistrike/Rise And Fall, you must use Tifa's Unbridled Strength ability, which consumes 1 ATB and upgrades her Triangle moves to cause more stagger increase. Secondly, the True Strike ability learned from Tifa's sixth weapon, Purple Pain (obtained in Chapter 16), will also increase it by 30% with each use. It costs 1 ATB charge. Lastly, Aerith's Ray Of Judgment will increase stagger damage percantage significantly. For the best enemy to get 300% on, it is recommended to fight Fat Chocobo in Chadley's VR simulation, as he has an incredibly long Stagger period. You might have to do this on the Normal or Hard difficulty, as there is a good chance he will die before you hit the 300% mark on the Easy difficulty (if you are already high level). You find Chadley at multiple points in the game (for example, Chapter 14 in Sector 5 Slums). The best method is to buff Tifa twice in a row with Unbridled Strength to upgrade her Triangle move to Rise And Fall. Build up another 2 ATB charges before Fat Chocobo is staggered. Then, use two Triangle moves Rise And Fall + Omnistrike. Use your 2 ATB charges to cast True Strike (+60% stagger). Attack with Triangle Whirling Uppercut to get 5% stagger increase with each hit and it also builds up more ATB. When you have 1 ATB, use True Strike again. This way you can easily get bosses to over 400% stagger in a few seconds. For 300% stagger, you can actually do it by just using Unbridled Strength, as True Strike is not mandatory but makes it easier. Note: During Chapter 18, there is a bike sequence with a boss that you will automatically stagger to more than 300%, but this one does not unlock the trophy. You have to do it legitimately.

Easy "Sultan Of Squat" trophy
First, complete the "Burning Thighs" side quest in Chapter 9. There are three Squat challenges (Trainee, Amateur, and Pro). The first Squat Challenge (Trainee) is automatically completed as part of the side quest. After completing the quest, you can talk to Jay in the Gym for the Amateur challenge and then challenge Jules for the Pro Challenge. After completing all three, you will get the "Sultan Of Squat" trophy. All you must do is press Triangle, Circle, X, Square with the correct timing. If you press a button too slow or too fast, you will fall down and lose time. The goal is to do more squats than your opponent. In the final two challenges, you will get fatigued and must quickly press X when the button prompt appears, followed by one press of Square when the button appears. The more squats you have successfully done in a row, the faster you can press the buttons without falling down.

Easy "Whack-A-Box Wunderkind" trophy
You can find the Whack-A-Box challenge in Chapter 14, in the Children's Hideout of the Sector 5 Slums. It is in the exact same place where the Normal difficulty Whack-A-Box took place in Chapter 8 ("Crate Annihilator" trophy). You need to have played the "A Verified Hero" side quest in Chapter 8, which is the quest that originally unlocked the Whack-A-Box mini-game. Just like with the Normal difficulty Whack-A-Box, you need to reach 30,000 points in the given time limit to get the trophy. It is only really one challenge and not multiple, as every 10,000 points gives a different reward. Like before, there are different colors of boxes (red = time, blue = ATB gauge, yellow = points only). Make it your goal to get from one red gate to the next as quick as possible. Getting the time boosts is the key to win. Also, use the Iron Blade's Triple Slash again on the big blue boxes. Two uses of that is enough to destroy a big blue box quickly. Only destroy the big blue boxes that are directly blocking your path; ignore the optional ones, and instead focus on the areas with many small boxes close together. Hold Square to use your sweep for destroying small boxes (yellow ones are destroyed in one hit, blue ones in two hits).

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:
Master of Fate (Platinum): Earn all FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE trophies.
Hardened Veteran (Gold): Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty.
Best in the Business (Silver): Complete all quests.
Disc Jockey (Silver): Collect all music discs.
Dressed to the Nines (Silver): Obtain all nine bridal candidate outfits.
Intelligence Agent (Silver): Complete all battle intel reports.
Master of Mimicry (Silver): Learn all enemy skills.
Weapons Expert (Silver): Learn all weapon abilities.
Biker Boy (Bronze): Get praised by Jessie at the end of the motorcycle mini-game.
Bonds of Friendship (Bronze): Free a bound ally.
Building Character (Bronze): Attain level 50 with a character.
Cleanup Crew (Bronze): Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle materia.
Crate Annihilator (Bronze): Complete all Normal difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.
Gotta Start Somewhere (Bronze): Complete a quest.
Heavenly Dart Player (Bronze): Rise to the top of the Seventh Heaven darts leaderboard.
In Lockstep (Bronze): Bypass the delta-level security lock in Mako Reactor 5.
Materia for Beginners (Bronze): Level up an orb of materia.
Music Collector (Bronze): Collect 3 music discs.
My First Ability (Bronze): Max out a weapon's proficiency.
My First Summon (Bronze): Invoke a summon.
Peeress of Pull-Ups (Bronze): Complete all pull-up challenges.
Returning Champion (Bronze): Emerge victorious from a colosseum sparring session.
Snappy Dresser (Bronze): Obtain three bridal candidate outfits.
Staggering Feat (Bronze): Deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy.
Staggering Start (Bronze): Stagger an enemy.
Sultan of Squat (Bronze): Complete all squat challenges.
Summon Slayer (Bronze): Defeat a summon in battle.
Warming Up (Bronze): Win a battle.
Weakened Resolve (Bronze): Exploit an enemy's weakness.
Whack-a-Box Wunderkind (Bronze): Complete all Hard difficulty Whack-a-Box challenges.

Additionally, there are 24 secret trophies:
Ultimate Weapon (Gold): Defeat the Pride and Joy prototype.
That's the Smell (Silver): Defeat a malboro.
Broken Dreams (Bronze): Complete Chapter 13.
Dancing Queen (Bronze): Received a gift from Andrea for being a dance superstar.
Destiny's Crossroads (Bronze): Complete Chapter 18.
Divine Gratitude (Bronze): Receive a letter from an angel.
Emerging from Chaos (Bronze): Complete Chapter 17.
Escape Artist (Bronze): Complete Chapter 2.
Lights Out (Bronze): Complete Chapter 6.
Mercenary Endeavors (Bronze): Complete Chapter 3.
Never the Bride (Bronze): Complete Chapter 9.
Night on the Town (Bronze): Complete Chapter 4.
No Appointment Needed (Bronze): Complete Chapter 16.
Onetime Gig (Bronze): Complete Chapter 1.
Paranormal Investigator (Bronze): Complete Chapter 11.
Picking Up the Pieces (Bronze): Complete Chapter 14.
Plan E (Bronze): Complete Chapter 5.
Reunited (Bronze): Complete Chapter 8.
Say It with Flowers (Bronze): Decorate the Leaf House with a floral arrangement.
Sewer Survivor (Bronze): Complete Chapter 10.
The Collapse (Bronze): Complete Chapter 12.
The Johnny Experience (Bronze): Witness all Johnny-related incidents.
The Pizza in the Sky (Bronze): Complete Chapter 15.
Trapped like Sewer Rats (Bronze): Complete Chapter 7.

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