Adventures of Pip - PS4

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Adventures of Pip - PS4
Nom du fichier : Adventures of Pip - PS4 - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

Take No Damage From Lava
If you use two Bit Force temporary invincibility items at the same time you will remain invincible to Lava after the initial invincibility effect ends. This may also protect you from other hazards but I haven't went back and played any levels before the caves.

Various Trophies
Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 4 trophy rewards.

Trophy How to unlock
All Pixels Have Been Restored (Silver) Completed the game.
Caves Captives Captured (Bronze) Rescued all the villagers in the Galena Caverns.
Cragken Cracked (Bronze) Defeated Cragken in the Galena Caverns.
DeRezzia's Prisoners Released (Bronze) Rescued all the villagers in Queen DeRezzia's Castle.
Forest Folk Found (Bronze) Rescued all the villagers in the Scarab Forest.
Found 'em All (Bronze) Completed all levels with a PERFECT rating.
Get A Life (Bronze) Purchased a Heart Container in the Item Shop.
Hide-N-Seek (Bronze) Rescued all villagers in a single level and received a PERFECT rating.
Lava Lodgers Located (Bronze) Rescued all the villagers in the Lava Labyrinth.
Lord Magmalith Mastered (Bronze) Defeated Lord Magmalith in Lava Labyrinth.
Lost & Found (Bronze) Completed 50% of levels with a PERFECT rating.
Pip, the Heartthrob (Bronze) Purchased all Heart Containers in the Item Shop.
Pip, the Pixel Picker Upper (Bronze) Collected 11,240 pixels in total.
Power Up (Bronze) Purchased an Upgrade in the Weapon Shop.
Queen DeRezzed (Bronze) Defeated Queen DeRezzia in her Castle.
Queen Grub Squashed (Bronze) Defeated the Queen Grub in the Scarab Forest.
Swamp Squatters Saved (Bronze) Rescued all the villagers in the Maddening Marsh.
Temple Heart Broken (Bronze) Defeated the Temple Heart in the Maddening Marsh.
Thank You! Come Again! (Bronze) Purchased an Item in the Item Shop.
The More, The Better (Bronze) Purchased all available Upgrades in the Weapon Shop.

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