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Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings [PS4] - PS4

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Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings [PS4] - PS4
Nom du fichier : Airheart:-Tales-of-Broken-Wings-[PS4] - Auteur : ANO - [PS4]

Trophy How to unlock Type
A bit of a pirate myself You brought down an oil trader zeppelin to steal its valuable contents. Don't let the police catch you committing such crimes! Bronze
Ace pilot You reached Autumn Forest just with your "Pinty Canary". That's a true testament to roaming among the pirates with your starting plane. Bronze
Army of one You've crafted every single weapon in the game! You could equip a real revolt against the topsiders now! Silver
Collect 'em all You own every piece for every airplane in the game. How come you're still living in the underbelly of Granaria? Silver
I am from You returned home from Snow Crest Altitude. Don't give up, you're so close to reaching the stratosphere. Bronze
I'm an artist You flew a plane made out of three plane parts from different airplanes. You did some really good work with what you had available, right? Bronze
Machine Annihilator You annihilated a gold security drone. They are equipped with the most dangerous weaponry in all the skies, making you the destroyer of machines! Bronze
Make me clan king! You annihilated a famous red pirate ace. The king of the pirates! Maybe they'll crown you queen now! Bronze
Moby Dick You fought and caught the small whale. Apparently it's just a baby, so how big will it grow? Bronze
The City You successfully defeated the "Archipelago", the floating nomadic settlement of the air pirates. Bronze
The Lie You successfully defeated the "Whale", and uncovered the truth behind the mythos. Gold
The Snake You successfully defeated the "Titan", the frightening guardian machine of the drone security. Bronze
The Zeppelin You successfully defeated the "Lillianne", the mobile pirate airbase. Bronze
Tinkerer You made your first weapon, and just out of the trash you found in the skies! Bronze

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