Kamen Rider : Battride War 2 - PS3

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Kamen Rider : Battride War 2 - PS3
Nom du fichier : Kamen Rider : Battride War 2 - PS3 - Auteur : ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation 3 trophy rewards.

...I'll make it (Bronze) Complete 15 Shadow Rider missions in Chronicle mode.
A new hero. A new legend. (Bronze) Complete the "The 4th Unidentified Life-form Again?!" mission in Chronicle mode.
Adversity Survivor (Bronze) Complete "Damage Survival 2" in Survival mode.
Agito, hard to evolve (Silver) Complete the "Curtain Call" mission on HELL difficulty.
Cover me, I'm going! (Bronze) While riding a bike or a horse, ride for 10 seconds without going anywhere.
Dawn of the worst (Bronze) Complete the "Dawn of the worst" mission in Chronicle mode.
Destroyer on the road (Bronze) Acquire a stunt point.
Dorupazu, a shop where you can enjoy music (Bronze) Obtain every BGM and voice from the shop.
Eh?! (Bronze) Acquire 10000 points in the bonus mission.
Epilogue (Bronze) Complete the "Curtain Call" mission in Chronicle mode.
Everything beyond the silver screen (Silver) Complete every mission in Chronicle mode.
Figure Builder (Silver) Increase the rarity of a figure.
Figure Complete (Silver) Collect all figures.
Figure Freak (Bronze) Collect 100 figures.
Figure Interest (Bronze) Collect 50 figures.
Friend's feelings also crush enemies! (Bronze) Raise the compatibility with any assist character to max.
From now on this is my showtime (Bronze) Complete the "In Magicland" mission in Chronicle mode.
From now on this is our stage! (Bronze) Complete the "Sengoku Movie Battle" mission in Chronicle mode.
Fuuto's wind gives us power! (Bronze) Complete the "A - Z Gaia Memories of Fate" mission in Chronicle mode.
I did it Kiva! (Bronze) Clear a mission on the verge of death.
I don't need the lives of others! (Bronze) Complete the "EPISODE FINAL" mission in Chronicle mode.
I want to think living is wonderful (Bronze) Complete the "PROJECT G4" mission in Chronicle mode.
I've exceeded the ultimate! (Platinum) Obtain all trophies.
If you're with me we can fly! (Bronze) Complete the "All Riders vs Dai-Shocker" mission in Chronicle mode.
Join hands! (Bronze) Complete the "Shogun and 21 Core Medals" mission in Chronicle mode.
Let's do this man to man! (Bronze) Complete the "Everyone, Space Here We Come!" mission in Chronicle mode.
Looks like a big mouth! (Bronze) Complete the "I've Arrived!" mission in Chronicle mode.
Man with a 2000 combo (Silver) Get a combo of 2000.
Move out of my way (Bronze) Complete the "Paradise Lost" mission in Chronicle mode.
Now it's my turn! (Bronze) Fill up your Chou Hissatsu gauge by taking damage.
Now, count up your cuts! (Bronze) Defeat 10000 enemies.
Of course, because of training (Silver) Get any rider to level 60.
One year of mayonnaise! (Bronze) Acquire 100000 shop points.
People are rampaging! (Bronze) Complete the "Hibiki and the 7 Senki" mission in Chronicle mode.
Perfect Crank Up (Gold) Achieve at least rank B in every mission.
Perfect Harmony (Bronze) Clear 10 missions with a partner.
Poison Survivor (Bronze) Complete "Poison Survival" in Survival mode.
Punishment! (Bronze) Complete the "Everyday Shogun" mission in Chronicle mode.
See ya! (Bronze) Defeat 200 bosses.
Strongest Survivor (Silver) Complete "Low Level Survival" in Survival mode.
Survivor (Bronze) Complete "Normal Survival" in Survival mode.
That's a lie! (Bronze) Clear the bonus mission in Chronicle mode.
The long awaited advent (Bronze) Change into Den-O's Wing Form.
This is the movie children have never seen! (Bronze) Complete every Shadow Rider mission in Chronicle mode.
Tough Survivor (Bronze) Complete "Damage Survival" in Survival mode.
Ultimate Survivor (Gold) Complete "Final Survival" in Survival mode.
What is this parent-child relationship.. (Bronze) Complete the "King of the Castle in the Demon World" mission in Chronicle mode.
When you flip the dining table you're going to have a bad meal (Bronze) Complete the "GOD SPEED LOVE" mission in Chronicle mode.
With our strength and Hajime's! (Bronze) Complete the "Missing Ace" mission in Chronicle mode.

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