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MLB 11 : The Show [PS3] - PS3

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MLB 11 : The Show [PS3] - PS3
Nom du fichier : MLB 11 : The Show [PS3] - Auteur : ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Dig that long ball (Bronze): In any mode (excluding HRD) hit a Home Run with a pitcher.
Strong Arm (Bronze): Throw the ball into the stands when attempting to throw out a runner at 1st.
Fill'er Up (Bronze): After falling behind in the count 0-2 work back to a full count. Must be completed vs. the CPU with both pitching and batting set to All-Star or higher difficulty.
Sell Your Body (Bronze): Make a diving catch in foul territory for an out.
Patience... (Bronze): Draw a 4 pitch walk in any mode. Must be completed vs. the CPU on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Pesky... (Bronze): In any single at bat, see 10 or more pitches. Must be completed vs. the CPU on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Lean On Me (Bronze): Pick off the CPU runner on 1st.
The Bacon (Bronze): In RttS, earn more than 20,000,000 over the course of your career.
Cooperation (Bronze): Win a co-op game.
Advanced Cooperation (Bronze): With different users controlling the pitcher and fielders, complete a strike 'em out throw 'em out double play.
Experienced (Bronze): Accumulate 100 XP across any online game modes.
Have a CoW Man! (Bronze): Compete in the Challenge of the Week in back to back weeks.
Momma's Boy (Bronze): In any season mode, hit a Home Run on Mother's Day with a pink bat.
Daddy Long Legs (Bronze): In any season mode, hit a triple on Father's Day.
Poor Billy... (Bronze): Win a game on an error.
Stone Hands (Bronze): Make 5 or more errors in a single game.
The Billy Goat (Bronze): In Season or Franchise mode, win the World Series as the Cubs. Good luck, you're going to need it! Must be full 9 inning games, simulating of World Series games will invalidate the trophy.
Splash Down II (Bronze): Hit a Home Run into the hot tub in Chase field.
Swim With The Fishes (Bronze): Hit a Home Run into the Ray's aquarium.
Stay on Target (Bronze): At Target Field, land your foul ball or tailing Home Run on the Target sign down the right field line.
Ice Cold (Bronze): Hit a Home Run to dead center in Coors Field.
Salute the Troops (Bronze): Win a game using the Padres while wearing Camo Jerseys.
Day at the Beach (Bronze): Hit a Home Run into the sand at Petco Park.
Running Down a Dream (Silver): In a single game, steal 3rd twice. Must be completed vs. the CPU.
Batting Performance Evaluated (Silver): As a Batter in RttS, have 3 or more 'Good' or better At Bats in a single game at the MLB Level.
Pitching Performance Evaluated (Silver): As a Pitcher in RttS, in a single game, face 6 or more consecutive batters achieving a 'Good' or better rating at the MLB Level.
Seasoned (Silver): Achieve an All-Star rank across all online game modes.
Challenger (Silver): Place in the top 33% in any single week of Challenge of the Week.
Insider (Gold): In any mode get an inside the park Home Run. Must be completed vs. the CPU.
Psychic (Gold): With Guess Pitch on, in any mode, correctly guess 10 pitches in a row (Location OR Pitch) vs. the CPU on All-Star or higher difficulty.
Beat LA (Gold): Beat the Dodgers. Must be completed vs. the CPU with both pitching and batting set to Legend. RttS excluded.
Yankees 'Inhale Deeply Through The Mouth'! (Gold): Beat the Yankees. Must be completed vs. the CPU with both pitching and batting set to Legend. RttS excluded.
Peak Training (Gold): In RTTS, reach level 5 in all training modes as a pitcher or a batter.
Today... I am the greatest (Gold): In any mode, with any single player, accumulate 130 or more stolen bases in a single Season.
100% Clear (Platinum): This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all trophies have been unlocked.

Additionally there is one secret trophy.
Tough Loss (Bronze): As the away team, take a shutout into the bottom of the 9th and lose the game. Must be completed vs. the CPU.

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