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Name of the file: Thief Simulator - Xbox One - Author: ANO

Cheat Codes

Press LB+RB simultaneously. This will open a cheat menu that allows the following:

A- $10000.
B - All skills.
X- 100 exp.
RB - Clear current.

Easy "A what?" Achievement
For this achievement, you'll first need complete all story missions in all 3 neighborhoods. Once you complete the last objective in Industrial and the credits roll, you can start NG+. Go back to the main menu and start a new profile, you'll now have the ability to select NG+. You objective is to buy the cloaking device for $150,000.

There are some big differences with NG+ that you need to be aware of:
-You start with all abilities unlocked, so XP doesn't matter
-You don't get to bring over anything you had done previously, so you'll have to buy all of your gear, the van, and the hideout again
-You only get $100 to start
-Locks and tenant patterns have changed
-All neighborhoods are unlocked (although you'll need certain gear to do anything in them, so you'll basically be doing them in order anyway)

To start with, you'll actually need quite a bit more than $150,000 to finish this because you'll need to buy a ton of gear back, unless you plan on getting there $8 at a time. Your first priority should just be to buy all of the useful gear. Use your starting $100 to buy one of each of the first 2 lockpicks, then go to houses 109/110/111 to pick up the crowbar behind and start looting what you can. From here, you'll want to buy anything that will help you earn more money, especially things like car stealing tools, safe cracking tools, jewelry tools, etc. Most of these will quickly pay for themselves by giving you access to better items. You will want to skip unnecessary items like night vision and the hideout.

There are some items that each player will have to decide whether they should buy. The van is very useful for hopping the fence in 202 (which has tons of great loot) and for storing more items per trip, but that's only beneficial for the XP bonus. However, it's a big $30K and you don't need to carry out so many items per trip. The hacking laptop is also debatable as it will help occasionally, but you can easily complete your objective without it. The car key cloner is a tough call. Cars are worth a ton of money, but the 2 that need the cloner are hard to steal anyway and you might better off using your time and money other just getting other items.

You'll start in Greenview as you need to buy all of the necessary tools. Best approach is to get all of the Rent-a-thug objectives and complete them while scooping up everything you can get along the way. The important difference with NG+ is that XP doesn't matter so neither does your rating. Don't be afraid to smash and grab to complete your goals as long as you can get off the map before the cops get you. Also make sure you are selling as many items as you can on BlackBay for extra money. You definitely want to steal both cars in this neighborhood and fully break them down (maybe more than once) for a quick and easy few thousand. Once you have completed the Rent-a-thug objectives and bough the basic tools, move on to Richie R. for much better loot.

You'll make the bulk of your money in Richie R. Remember to complete Rent-a-thug objectives and steal/sell items on BlackBay. Basically at this point you should have all the tools you need, so just move house to house stealing all of the valuable items. There's easily enough money on this map to get you to $150,000. If you've already beaten the main game, this all should be old hat for you.

The Industrial map has the highest value loot in the game and you would be able to get your $150,000 here no problem, but you can't access any of the buildings without the the hacking laptops, and they're pretty expensive so it's probably not worth buying them. I was able to easily complete the achievement in just Greenview and Richie R. Once you have $150,000 on hand, just go to your computer and buy the cloaking device to get your achievement.

Easy "Dude, where's my sleigh" Achievement
The santa sleigh car are located at 307 on Industrial Street. You will need the hacking computer PRO to get in there. The sleigh is on your right when you enter the property. You will need the car pick. Bring back the sleigh to your home will unlock the achievement. (and ruin Christmas !)

Easy "Reverse Santa" Achievement
Christmas decorations and, more importantly, Christmas presents, are added to both Greenview St. and Richie R. St during the month of December. However, setting your computer's system clock to sometime in December 2018 will turn the maps Christmas themed, making this obtainable any time of year. You'll be able to tell if it has switched over when you load in because the houses will have Christmas lights on the outside.

There are 39 total gifts between the two neighborhoods and each one must be collected. There are both small packages that you can put in your backpack and large packages that must be carried to the trunk of your vehicle. Look carefully at each tree as some of them are partially or almost entirely obscured by the tree. It's recommended that you collect them all, storing the small ones in your garage storage and piling the large ones up next to it, then sell them all at once. This way it's easier to keep track of how many you have.

Greenview St.

If you've played a bit, the Greenview St presents are easy to collect. They are almost all small packages and in the living room areas of the houses, meaning it's pretty easy to slip in and snag them undetected.

There are presents in all Greenview St. houses except 104, 109, 110, and 111.

Richie R. St.

Unsurprisingly, the presents are going to be harder to get as the houses have much more security and many of the presents are large. Because many of the presents are large, you'll have to sneak a lot of them out 1 by 1, and you will also be limited to usually two houses at a time due to the constraints of your vehicle. The van is highly recommended for collecting presents because of the extra large loot slots.

There are presents in all Richie R. St. houses except 203.

The achievement pops upon selling all the presents on BlackBay. If it doesn't pop right away, try loading a different map (ie: pawn shop) and see if that pops it.

Easy "Toys for greedy boys" Achievement
The 6 toy boxes are located at 307 on Industrial Street. You will need the hacking computer PRO to get in there.

- 2 boxes are located in the first warehouse
- 3 boxes are located on the second warehouse
- the last box are located in a red container near the second warehouse

Bring back those toy boxes will unlock the achievement (and ruin Christmas !)

Easy "Well equipped" Achievement
You can find the Boxes at the Construction Area 305.

1.) in the Guard Room at the gate.
2.) Bottom level of the building.
3.) Middle level of the building.
4.) Top level of the building.
5.) Also top level but its on the scaffold facing to the right site of the Construction Area.

Playthrough Strategy Tips
Big Items: With big item's you want to have your car as close as possible to the house without it being in the middle of the road so people don't call the cops for it being in a weird place. Usually as long as the car isn't on the road but is on grass it is a good place to keep it. Backing up the car and leaving the back open so you can just run through and place the big item in also helps.

Agility Level 1: 'Throw Bricks'. To be able to find and throw these bricks. The bricks are usually just left on/near the roads and the houses. To then throw the brick press E there is no drop key so press E near the ground if you don't want to chuck it at a house or wherever you're aiming.

Buying hints from StealYourForums. This is very helpful especially if for if you're doing things for Rent-A-Thug. They can help you find out what their sercurity is like and when the people are out or in the house. Sidenote: You can take the time and analyse the people and their sercurity if you would like to save your money, but I think its worth it just to buy the hints.

Sleeping in game. To sleep in the game you can either go back to home go up the stairs and sleep on the couch. Or you can park your car in the parking areas they're located on the map as the giant P's.

Various Achievements
Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
A what? (50 points) Buy a cloaking device on ng+
All Toasters Toast Toast (30 points) Steal 10 toasters.
Art connoisseur (50 points) Steal 10 paintings.
Car enthusiast 1 (50 points) Steal Bolthorn 86 Classic.
Car enthusiast 2 (50 points) Steal Aisan Cougar.
Car enthusiast 3 (50 points) Steal Bolthorn Family MkV.
Car enthusiast 4 (50 points) Steal Vulcan Spectre.
Car enthusiast 5 (50 points) Steal Kubra GTS.
Console gamer (50 points) Steal 5 consoles.
Crazy about cars (50 points) Steal 5 cars.
Debt free man (100 points) Get fired.
Egg hunt (50 points) Find 5 Faberge Egg replicas in Richie R.
Fresh air (30 points) Break 10 windows.
Hackerman (50 points) Disable 10 control panels.
Nice throw man (30 points) Break a window with a brick.
Plumbing expert (30 points) Break 10 toilets.
Sneaky sneak (50 points) Finish 10 S rank thefts without being seen.
Too much television is bad for you (30 points) Steal 5 TVs.
Wealth redistribution 1 (30 points) Steal items worth 5000.
Wealth redistribution 2 (30 points) Steal items worth 20000.
Wealth redistribution 3 (30 points) Steal items worth 50000.
Wealth redistribution 4 (30 points) Steal items worth 100000.
Who needs dishes (30 points) Break 10 dishes.

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