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Distorted Time Eggs:
In total there are five Distorted Time Eggs and one can be found in each of the five time rifts in Conton City. Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Distorted Time Egg. Secret endgame content will become unlocked When you return ALL five Distorted Time Eggs to the Supreme Kai of Time in the Time Nest.

Distorted Time Egg #1 - Hercule's House:
Complete ALL of the 'Great Saiyaman' quests, then talk to Hercule.

Distorted Time Egg #2 - Capsule Corporation:
Complete the mission 'Sparring With Vegeta: Advanced', then talk to Bulma. You must be Level 50 to challenge.

Distorted Time Egg #3 - Guru's House:
Complete 15 successful defenses of Guru's House, then talk to Guru.

Distorted Time Egg #4 - Buu's House:
Feed Majin Buu enough food to create 6 family members, then talk to Majin Buu.

Distorted Time Egg #5 - Frieza's Ship:
Complete enough missions to turn Frieza into Golden Frieza or Cooler into Metal Cooler, then talk to the Frieza henchman with the green question mark.

Guru's House Bonuses:
You can earn rewards as you progress through the game by defending Guru's House from enemies seeking the Dragon Balls. The following list are the rewards you can earn for completing these defense missions.

Additional Dragon Ball Wish Categories:
Complete at least 15 defense missions, then talk to Guru.

Unlock Hidden Potential (Stat Cap Raise):
Complete at least 5 defense missions, then talk to Guru.

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