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Easy 'Stocked' Achievement:
There are two ways you can get this Achievement easily, you can either complete 165 games winning or losing in any mode (including Exhibition against bots) to obtain ALL the items or alternately you can play an Exhibition match with no bots setting the game in 'Mutators' to end with one goal and then continue playing until you have ALL the items.

Easy 'Far, Far Away...' Achievement:
If you start an Exhibition match with no bots enabled and keep driving laps around the field you will eventually get the 'Far, Far Away...' Achievement. Remember that any distance travelled while boosting will not qualify.

Easy 'Throwback' Achievement:
You can easily get this Achievement by doing the following. Enter the garage and select Backfire or Octane and equip the Accelerato Boost. Then start an Exhibition match on Utopia and hit the boost.

Easy 'SARPBC Forever' Achievement:
You can get this Achievement easily if ypu play a game with the classic Battle-Cars, Octane and Backfire. You will get the 'SARPBC Forever' Achievement even if you do not win the game.

Unlock Battle-Cars:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding vehicle will become unlocked.

Win the Season Championship.

Win a match with every other vehicle.

Unlock Alternate 'Title' screen and Moai Antenna:
At the 'Main' menu press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, 'Start' before the 'Title' screen appears. If you have entered the code correctly the text on the 'Title' screen will read 'Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars' which was an older title from the game's developer.

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