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Easy 'Swing Them Sticks' Achievement:
An easy way to get this Achievement is to run over zombies in a car. As long as you have the analog control scheme selected any kills you get will count towards the 150 needed.

Hidden Nude Pictures:
In Act 2 before the zombie attack go to the mayor's office in City Hall to find three photos of a naked women behind the painting on the back wall (you have to knock the painting down to see them).

Never Dull Your Weapons:
You will never dull your weapons in any level if you throw them.

If you jump onto the hood of a car and then crouch and aim right you will be able to kill zombies without them being able to touch you.

New Game+:
When you have completed the campaign any money and inventory (blueprints, items, weapons, etc.) you have acquired is carried over to the next game (or 'next play'). This extends to the items you have left with the 'item bank', the NPC Jin.

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